Staff intending to undertake University travel are required to seek approval from their supervisor, or Executive Dean in the case of School Dean, in advance before booking any travel - written approval must be obtained before any travel is confirmed. 

This is achieved by completing, and authorising through your School, the Travel Confirmation Form.

Travel should be organised through the University preferred suppliers Phil Hoffmann Travel or STA Travel and Travel Confirmation Forms for both companies are available from the University Finance website.

The Travel Confirmation Form, once signed, should be forwarded to the relevant preferred travel provider and a copy sent to the Faculty Finance Office.

Staff, who include a private component to business related travel, should be aware of the tax implications - specifically fringe benefits tax.  University Policy and Procedure regarding travel can be found at:

Travel procedures

Policy on travel accommodation and subsistence

Fringe Benefits Tax policy and procedures

If in doubt please discuss any private travel implications with the Faculty Finance Office.  In some instances queries may need to be referred to the University Accountant for clarification.

It is the responsibility of the staff member/student and supervisor to identify and understand any financial and tax implications of travel.