Plant safety

Tools, machinery and equipment - plant - used in the workplace can cause injury through accidents.

The staff, students and visitors who use the University must be protected against such accidents.

The Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare Act, 1986 (OHS&W) and the OHS&W Regulations 1995 - part 3, requires each workplace to assess and control risks associated with plant.

What is plant?

Definition: Plant describes any machinery, its related equipment, appliances, implements or tools and any components or fittings.

It includes things as diverse as power tools, forklifts, farm machinery, lawn mowers, welding equipment and concrete mixers.

The University and all staff have a legal obligation to keep the workplace safe.

Supervisors at the University have a particular delegated responsibility to ensure that hazards are identified and controlled.

The best way to control a risk is to eliminate the hazard wherever possible. Where this is not possible, controls must beimplemented to minimise the risk. Control measures that have been implemented must be reviewed to ensure they remain effective in controlling the hazard.

Hazard identification

Hazard Identification must be carried out:

  • before and during the introduction of new plant, equipment, chemical or other item to the workplace
  • where there is likely to be a risk to health or safety involved, before and during any
    • alteration to the plant, equipment or workplace
    • change to the way the plant, equipment or an area is used
    • change to the work system and
    •  change in location of the plant, equipment or people
  • if new or additional health or safety information associated with the plant, equipment,chemical, or other item or its work system becomes available

Generic hazard assessment forms

Generic risk assessment and safe operating procedures are available, and these cover equipment that is common use in the Faculty.

Please contact Dave Barber if you require a copy of either a risk assessment or a safe operating procedure for any electrical item within the Faculty.