Contacting Security

You can contact the Security Service about any security problem 24 hours a day, on (820) 12880, or via one of the 'hot-line' phones.

Hot-line phone locations

There are hot-line phones in various locations around the University giving direct access to the University's Security Service. Make sure you know the locations of these phones.

Registry (near pay phone)
Social Sciences North
Anchor court
Earth Sciences
Information Science & Technology
Sturt North Wing

Library/Humanities foyer
Social Sciences South
Biological Sciences (SW entrance)
Drama Center
Sturt South Wing (NW entrance)

After-hours access to buildings

Please contact relevant School Managers or NILS admin staff to obtain after-hours access to specific areas/rooms in Social Sciences North, South or the Law Commerce Building.

Security in car parks

Lock vehicles left in University car parks and close all windows. Do not leave any valuables in vehicles in open view.

Escort service

If you need to get to a car park or on-campus residence after-dark in circumstances where no alternative means of secure transport is available and you are concerned for your personal security, contact the Security Services after-dark escort service (12880).

Reporting of security incidents

Report all security incidents. Reports should be made at the earliest possible time and will be treated confidentially. Reports can also be made through the Sexual Harassment Advisers or the Equal Opportunity Unit (12876).