Colloquium Program Semester 1, 2014

Time/Location: 1:00pm - 1:50pm, Social Sciences North Building, Room 241

13 March Introducing 3 "new" PhD students:
  Naomi Kakoschke
(Supervisor: Eva Kemps)
Exploring the effects of cognitive biases and impulsivity on food intake
  Alex Sweetman
(Supervisor: Leon Lack)
Treating comorbid insomnia and obstructive sleep apnea
  Thu Phuong Dinh Thi
(Supervisor: Julie Robinson)
Wellbeing of adolescents with disabilities: Voices from Vietnam
20 March Professor Stella Vosniadou
Strategic Professor of Education
Flinders University
Theories of cognitive development and the problem of conceptual change
27 March Introducing 3 "new" PhD students:
  Kate Bartel (nee Anderson)
(Supervisor: Michael Gradisar)
Protective and risk factors for adolescent sleep: A meta-analysis
  Amy Manuel
(Supervisor: Eva Kemps)
Thoughts, emotions and eating behaviour: How do they interact?
  Liz Saccone
(Supervisor: Mike Nicholls)
The object of my attention: The role of action-relevant properties in object recognition
3 April Introducing 2 "new" PhD students:  
  Rebecca Flower
(Supervisor: Robyn Young)
Vulnerability of individuals with autism spectrum disorder to naive involvement in criminal activity
  Sarah Cox
(Supervisor: Junwen Chen)
What I should be and what I fear becoming: Self-discrepancies and evaluation concerns in social anxiety
10 April No Colloquium Staff Meeting
1 May Dr Steve Janssen
School of Psychology
Flinders University
Why life appears to speed up as people get older
8 May Professor Jason McCarley
School of Psychology
Flinders University
Practical Bayesian Analyses for Sound Statistical Inference
15 May No Colloquium Staff Meeting  
22 May Dr Lynn Ward
School of Psychology
University of Adelaide
Resilience in older adults: impact of late-life widowhood
Room 0.03 (Moot Court), Law & Commerce Building
29 May Dr Richard Burns
Research Fellow
The importance of delineating between indices of Wellbeing and Mental Health across the lifespan
5 June No Colloquium Staff Meeting

Colloquium Program Semester 2, 2014

Time/Location: 1:00 PM - 1:50 PM, in Room 112, Social Sciences South Building

31 July No Colloquium Staff Meeting  
7 August Professor Tim Perfect
School of Psychology
Plymouth University, UK
Whose line was it anyway? Unconscious plagiarism (and its opposite)
A simple lunch will be served in the Staff Common Room (SSN) immediately after the colloquium
14 August Professor Martin Westwell
Flinders Centre for Science Education in the 21st Century
The Future of Education: the new priority to stop-and-think
21 August Dr Karen Douglas
School of Psychology
University of Kent, UK
The social psychology of conspiracy theories
A simple lunch will be served in the Staff Common Room (SSN) immediately after the colloquium
28 August No Colloquium Staff Meeting
4 September Introducing three new PhD students  
  Cele Richardson
(Supervisor: Michael Gradisar)
Bright light therapy and morning exercise for the treatment of Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder in adolescents and young adults
  Victoria Allen
(Supervisor: Tim Windsor)
Daily stress and emotion regulation in younger and older adults: An intensive longitudinal study
  Melissa de Vel-Palumbo
(Supervisor: Michael Wenzel)
Self-punishment: When we prefer pain to pleasure
11 September Professor Cecilia Essau
Department of Psychology
Roehampton University, UK
Course and outcome of anxiety disorders in adolescents: Implication for prevention
18 September Introducing 3 new PhD students  
  Megan Bartlett
(Supervisor: Jason McCarley)
Human interactions with automated decision aids
  Tim Gillespie
(Supervisor: Paul Williamson)
Modeling the misinformation effect
  Matthew Knight
(Supervisor: Michael Tlauka)
Interactive spatial learning in map navigation: the effects of cognitive load
9 October No Colloquium Staff Meeting
16 October Dr Quincy Wong
Department of Psychology
Macquarie University
The role of repetitive thinking processes in the context of social anxiety
A simple lunch will be served in the Staff Common Room (SSN) immediately after the colloquium
23 October Introducing 3 new PhD students  
  Ben McLean
(Supervisor: Julie Mattiske)
The nature of the relationship between cognitive biases and delusions in psychosis
  Jamie-Lee Pennesi
(Supervisor: Tracey Wade)
A revised dual-pathway model for disordered eating: A longitudinal study
  Sophie Schumacher
(Supervisor: Eva Kemps)
Reducing food cravings: Testing the Elaborated Intrusion Theory
30 October Dr Kirsten Vale
School of Psychology
Flinders University
Obesity: Causes, Maintaining Factors, and Treatment from a Psychological Perspective
6 November No Colloquium Staff Meeting

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