Flinders extends its praise to emerging early career researchers
Flinders University's 2011 Vice-Chancellor's Awards for Early Career Researchers have been announced, with 10 researchers sharing in a pool of $25,000, including Dr Amy Slater and Dr Tobias Loetscher of the School of Psychology.
Academy Fellowships for two Flinders academics
Two Flinders University academics, including the School of Psychology's Professor Marika Tiggemann, have been elected as Fellows by their respective peak academic bodies.
Flinders brings knowledge to national psychology conference
When the world watches a celebrity, sporting great or other "tall poppy" fall from grace, do we feel sorry for them or take pleasure in their demise?
The answer, according to Flinders University psychology expert Norman Feather (pictured), depends on whether or not we feel the person deserves their misfortune.
Discounting the 'leftie' myth
A recent study led by Professor Mike Nicholls (pictured), newly-appointed Director of the Brain and Cognition Laboratory in Flinders University's School of Psychology, dispels the common myth that left-handed people are likely to be gifted.
Laying insomnia to rest with Flinders advice
Written by Flinders psychologists Professor Leon Lack and Dr Helen Wright, Sleep Well, Live Better is a book that aims to help the five to 10 per cent of the population - that's up to two million Australians - who have problems with getting to sleep or staying asleep through the night.
Spotting the real villains
As South Australia prepares to overhaul legislation regulating criminal identification parades, Flinders psychologist Professor Neil Brewer, an international expert on factors affecting eyewitness reliability, is backing a move to photographic, computer-based line-ups.
The trouble with switching off
It's not just Australians who stay glued to electronic devices until bedtime - the Amercians are at it too, according to Flinders psychologist Dr Michael Gradisar.