Nankai University China - Detecting Autism Spectrum Disorder

Robyn Young gave a presentation called “Detecting Autism Spectrum Disorder to the School of Medicine at Nankai University, Tianjin China. Robyn is currently travelling through Asia presenting lectures to students and hoping to encourage them to come to Flinders and experience our University. Her trip will conclude in Malaysia on October 21 with talks to students who are considering enrolling in the joint HELP University- Flinders University Bachelor of Psychological Science degree.


How we judge the judges

How we judge the judges

A national research project by Flinders psychologist Emeritus Professor Norman Feather and Dr Robert Boeckmann (now of the University of Alaska) used questionnaires to gauge public perceptions of the seriousness of offences and the severity of sentencing, using two different criminal settings. More information


Young minds shine in 3MT competition

Young Minds Shine in 3 Minute Thesis Competition

Congratulations to Gemma Sharp (PhD Clinical) student - the winner of the prestigious Flinders University 2013 Three Minute Thesis Competition held on Friday (August 30). More information

Eating disorders - are we doing enough?

South Australia is "playing catch-up" when it comes to eating disorder prevention and support, a leading psychologist from Flinders University says. More information

Flinders shows research strengths in world rankings

Flinders University has been listed among the QS World University Ranking's top 200 elite institutions world-wide for its performance in three subject areas - medicine, psychology and sociology. More information

Making sense of our left-leaning bias

Without even realising it, most of us pay more attention to the people, images and objects on the left side of space. More information


Preventing obesity and eating disorders
Researchers from Flinders University are working on a novel strategy to simultaneously reduce the risk of both eating disorders and obesity among young people. Believed to be the first attempt in Australia to take a combined prevention approach to eating disorders and obesity, the study has involved a trial of three school-based programs with some 2000 Year 7 and Year 8 students across SA, Victoria and WA over the past two years. More information
Late sleepers may have more than 24 hours in a day
Most of us love a good Sunday sleep-in. But for some people, getting out of bed each morning can be a constant battle that significantly disrupts their lives. More information
Holmes happy out north
Growing up in the north, Clare Holmes considers herself lucky. "There's so much out here and there are so many people in the community doing things to help each other," the 23-year-old said. More information (PDF 95KB)
Norman Feather honoured by his profession

The School of Psychology's Emeritus Professor Norman Feather has been made an Honorary Fellow of the Australian Psychological Society. In conferring its highest honour at its AGM late last year, the Society cited Professor Feather's ediotorial roles in journals as well as his extraordinary record of research and publication, and outstanding number of citations. He has worked in areas that include sex roles and prejudice, unemployment, cross-cultural comparisons, values and social attitudes, "tall poppies" and, most recently, justice and deservingness. The citation stated that "there are few Australian psychologists who have played such a significant role in advancing the discipline and profession of social psychology nationally and internationally".

Flinders applauds early career researchers

Specialists in sleep medicine, eating disorders, tourism and coastal hydrogeology are among the recipients of Flinders University's 2012 Vice Chancellor's awards for Early Career Researchers. Dr Lisa Beatty was one of nine award winners who will receive a cash prize of $2,500 to enhance their research portfolio, as well as a certificate to be presented at an official awards ceremony on March 4. More information

Flinders again lifts offers to new students
Students' 1st preference for Flinders' Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) degree has increased by 24% in 2013, and its new Psychological Sciences degree has attracted even more students to its department. both degrees are helping to drive the University's increase in new student enrolments. More information
Perfectionism link with eating disorders
Targeting perfectionism may be of benefit in buffering young people against the development of eating disorders, a Flinders University study has found. More information. More information
Exploring the power of acceptance
Accepting ones thoughts - whether good or bad - may be a key to preventing eating disorders, Flinders University psychology student Melissa Atkinson (pictured) says. More information