Sleep problems affect up to half of all children at some point during their development. Many younger children may have difficulty falling asleep by themselves, or staying asleep and in their own beds throughout the night. For older children and teenagers, sleep problems may be caused by stress and anxiety, changes to the environment, or the biological changes of puberty. Some may experience insomnia or frequent night waking. Others, particularly teenagers, may have difficulty falling asleep at a regular hour and getting up when they need to for school. These sleep problems can affect young people's mood, motivation, concentration and school performance, and add stress and anxiety to parents' nights. CASC offers cognitive and behavioural therapy programs tailored to the child's age and the nature of their sleep problem, to help them attain a better night's sleep in their own bed. There are some sleep problems that can require medical intervention. These disorders include suspected sleep apnoea. For disorders such as this we recommend contacting the Women's & Children's Hospital (ph 8161 6037).