The treatments we currently provide are known as cognitive and behavioural therapies. These treatment involve educating families about the nature of sleep and sleep problems, modifying children’s behaviours around their bedtimes, and teaching children how to modify the way they think about their sleep problem. We also use a technique called Bright Light Therapy with adolescents who have difficulty falling asleep and waking at their desired times. This type of treatment helps to shift sleep rhythms earlier so teens can fall asleep earlier and wake up more alert.

Treatment involves several sessions over a period of 4-8 weeks.

In order to ensure that the treatments we provide at the Child & Adolescent Sleep Clinic are the best, we are constantly evaluating their effectiveness. For the children, adolescents, and parents in the program, this means completing diaries and questionnaires along the way, and where possible wearing wrist monitors to monitor their sleep.

We offer treatment to people of all ages, including infants from 6 months of age. Treatment is provided under Medicare ( Medicare-Fact Sheet-Mental Health Rebates (PDF 36KB) )