Assoc. Prof. Michael Gradisar
Clinical Psychologist, Clinic Director

Michael has been specialising in the treatment of adult and child sleep disorders (insomnia, circadian rhythm disorders) since 2002. He has provided training to over 420 psychologists throughout Australia on the treatment of paediatric sleep disorders, and published several research studies evaluating the treatment of insomnia and circadian rhythm disorders in children, adolescents and adults.


Neralie Cain
Clinical Psychologist

Since completing Master of Psychology (Clinical) in 2009, Neralie has been specialising in the treatment of sleep disorders while working in a private psychology clinic in Canberra. There she was involved in setting up a multi-disciplinary Insomnia Treatment Program in conjunction with medical sleep specialists. She is currently completing a research PhD investigating the effectiveness of treatment for school-aged children with sleep problems. Neralie has several publications in areas relating to adolescent sleep.


Kate Bartel

Kate has been part of the CASC team since 2012, working with children and adolescents who experience sleep problems. Kate completed her Bachelor of Psychology Honours degree in 2012, researching the effects of iPad light on adolescent sleep. She is currently completing a PhD in Clinical Psychology, looking into protective and risk factors for adolescent sleep.


Cele Richardson
Provisional Psychologist

Cele is currently completing a PhD in Clinical Psychology, investigating the efficacy of bright light therapy for the treatment of a sleep problem common in adolescents and young adults. As part of her research, Cele has published papers investigating factors involved in the development and maintenance of Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder and insomnia. In addition to her research responsibilities, Cele has worked at CASC since 2015 and has experience treating sleep problems in children and adolescents.

Chelsea Reynolds
Provisional Psychologist

Chelsea is completing a PhD in Clinical Psychology, investigating the association between brain wave patterns during sleep and cognitive performance in both children and adolescents. She has been part of the CASC team since early 2016 and has experience delivering sleep-focused therapy to clients of all ages.

Chelsea has also worked as a sleep technician since 2013, conducting sleep assessments for adolescents and adults with varying sleep issues.

Gorica Micic
Provisional Psychologist

Gorica completed her Research PhD in 2016, investigating the biological and psychological causes of Delayed-Sleep-Wake Phase Disorder. Her broad research interests are in sleep health, biological body clocks and psychology of sleep disturbances, and she has published various papers in these areas. She is currently enrolled in a Master of Psychology (Clinical) and completed her clinical placement training at CASC in Nov 2016, delivering therapies to clients across all age ranges.