The Flinders Early Intervention Research Program (FEIRP) was started by Professor Robyn Young and ran under her guidance at Flinders University between 2003 and 2015. From 2006, we were fortunate to receive State Government Funding which was generously supported by donations and other grants. In its time at Flinders, the FEIRP saw more than 350 children through the program and we are very fortunate to have been involved with each of those children and their families.

In 2015, the FEIRP merged with a non-profit business called Inclusive Directions to form Flinders Therapy House. This merger was largely the result of a change in funding to individuals with autism with the rollout of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

A primary focus of the FEIRP was research, particularly the evaluation of early intervention for children with autism. The Structured Program for Childhood Therapists working with Children with Autism is the manualised version of the program used at the FEIRP (Young, Partington & Goren, 2009) and is now in use across Australia and internationally. Many other research projects were conducted as part of the intervention program, and we are pleased to continue the partnership between research and service delivery with Flinders Therapy House.


For any questions regarding the FEIRP or the research being conducted at Flinders Therapy House, please contact:

Dr Anna Moffat

Phone: 08 8201 7976


If you are interested in the services provided for young children with autism and developmental delays at Flinders Therapy House please contact:
Flinders Therapy House

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Phone: 08 7325 3600