Kate Jackson


For crying out loud: An investigation into intervention techniques for Infant Sleep Disturbance. 


Supervisor: Dr Michael Gradisar  



Tiffany Lavis


The effect of an inaccuracy in eyewitness reports on mock-juror judgments.  


Supervisor:  Professor Neil Brewer



Eleanor Lawrence-Wood


Trust me, this is(n’t) scary!  How trust affects social emotional influence in threatening situations.  


Supervisor:  Dr Mariette Berndsen




Fiona Leeson


The Role of Cognitions on Adjustment Following Child Psychological Maltreatment and the Utility of Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy as a Therapeutic Intervention. 


Supervisor:  Dr Reg Nixon




Sarah Wilksch


Emotional processing in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): Improving the Outcomes following Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) for PTSD. 


Supervisor:  Dr Reg Nixon




Tick Zweck

Metacognitive influences on eyewitness choosing.  


Supervisor:  Professor Neil Brewer



Jacqueline Bergin

An investigation of a cognitive model of the maintenance of bulimia nervosa.

Supervisor: Professor Tracey Wade

Phillip Donaldson

Object properties influence the selection of a spatial frame of reference.


Supervisor: Dr Michael Tlauka

Aaron Drummond

Imagined viewpoint switching from plan view diagrams and maps.


Supervisor: Dr Michael Tlauka

Jacinda Fisher

Change and continuity in the coping process of primary caregivers for persons receive home palliative care.


Supervisor: Dr Julie Robinson

Ivanka Prichard

Objectification in fitness centres: Self-objectification, exercise and body image among women.


Supervisor: Professor Marika Tiggemann

Robyn Vast

Emotion, attentional focus and attainment of automaticity in expert sport performance.


Supervisor: Assoc Prof Robyn Young



Lisa Beatty

Facilitating psychological adjustment to breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.


Supervisor: Professor Tracey Wade

Erin Bulluss

Joint attention training for children with Autism: A valuable addition to Early Intervention Programs?


Supervisor: Assoc Prof Robyn Young

Matthew Palmer

Eyewitness identification from multiple lineups.

Supervisor: Professor Neil Brewer


Talitha Best

'Just a spoonful of sugar' - saccharide effects on cognition and well-being in middle-aged adults.

Supervisor: Dr Eva Kemps

Levina Clark

Sociocultural and psychological influences on girls' body image.

Supervisor: Professor Marika Tiggemann

Alicia Ellis

Cognitive and social support factors in ASD, PTSD and depression in children and adolescents following single-incident trauma.

Supervisor: Dr Reg Nixon

Sean Fitzgibbon

A machine learning approach to brain computer interfacing.

Supervisor: Professor Richard Clark

Jodie Harris

The development and comparative evaluation of intensive sleep retraining treatment for chronic primary insomnia.

Supervisor: Professor Leon Lack

Hannah Keage

The neurocognitive profiles of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder predominately inattentive and combined subtypes and the effects of stimulant medication.

Supervisor: Professor Richard Clark

James Sauer

Using multiple confidence assessments to discriminate studied from unstudied faces.

Supervisor: Professor Neil Brewer


Carolyn Boyd

Generativity: An investigation of its relationship to psychological well-being in adulthood.

Supervisor: Professor Mary Luszcz

Pam Carroll

Peer teasing and victimisation of young people with craniofacial conditions: advancing interventions.

Supervisor: Professor Rosalyn Shute

Hayley Dohnt

Body Image Concerns in Young Girls: The Role of Peer and Media Influences.

Supervisor: Professor Marika Tiggemann

Toby Freeman

The Role of Health Professionals in the Prevention of Smoking- and Alcohol-Related Harms: Applying the Theory of Planned Behaviour to Explain the Impact of Organisational Variables on Work Behaviours.

Supervisors: Dr Paul Williamson , Professor Ann Roche (NCETA) , Dr Ken Pidd (NCETA) and Dr Natalie Skinner (NCETA)

Gareth Furber.

Psychosocial change over time in post acute coronary syndrome patients: Description, prediction and influence.

Supervisor: Assoc Prof Tracey Wade

Shriyani Maine

Parental support for youth: A parenting programme for youth suicide prevention.

Supervisor: Professor Rosalyn Shute

Anna Steele

Evaluating three cognitive guided self-help interventions in the treatment of Bulimia Nervosa

Supervisor: Assoc Prof Tracey Wade

Simon Wilksch

A School-Based Media Literacy Program for Reducing Eating Disorder Risk Factors in Young Adolescents: A controlled Evaluation.

Supervisor: Assoc Prof Tracey Wade


Rebekah Doley

An Examination of a Model of Serial Arson in Australia.

Supervisor: Dr Julie Mattiske

John Barnes

Clinician Cognitions: The Influence of Persuasive Message Factors in Client Presentation.

Supervisor: Professor Neil Brewer

Jeremy Mercer

Insomniacs' misperception of wake insted of sleep.

Supervisor: Professor Leon Lack

Rachel Newson

‘Move it or lose it’: An active lifestyle as a factor for successful cognitive ageing.

Supervisor: Dr Eva Kemps

Jessica Pleva

Perfectionism and obsessive-compulsive symptoms: Implications for assessment, theory and treatment.

Supervisor. Assoc Prof Tracey Wade

Rachel Roberts

The adjustment of young people with craniofacial conditions: stressors, positive experiences and coping.

Supervisor. Professor Rosalyn Shute

Amy Slater

Gender differences in adolescent sport participation and body image: The role of self-objectification.

Supervisor. Professor Marika Tiggemann

Melissa Zschorn

Cognitive appraisal in parents who have a child with a physical disability.

Supervisor. Professor Rosalyn Shute


Michael Gradisar

An investigation into acute finger temperature changes prior to sleep onset

Supervisor: Professor Leon Lack

Amber Keast

Children's eyewitness identification

Supervisor: Professor Neil Brewer

Patricia Kent

Are deficits in naming & construction performance preclinical symptoms of dementia?

Supervisor: Dr Janet Bryan

Ian McKee

Revenge: Situational and dispositional influences on personal retribution

Supervisor: Professor Norman Feather

Kathryn Moores

Investigating working memory abnormalities in post traumatic stress disorder using functional MRI

Supervisor: Assoc Prof Richard Clark

Melissa Oxlad

Psychological risk factors for adverse physical and psychological outcomes following coronary artery bypass graft surgery

Supervisor: Assoc Prof Tracey Wade

Darren Weber

ERP indices of attention and working memory processes in post-traumatic stress disorder

Supervisor: Assoc Prof Richard Clark


Ivan Atkinson

Issues in ADHD management: The development and application of a multisystemic framework.

Supervisors: Dr Julie Robinson & Professor Rosalyn Shute

Amber Brooks

Thesis Title: The Recuperative Value of Daytime Naps.

Supervisor: Professor Leon Lack

Lauren Miller-Lewis

Identifying psychosocial risk factors for pregnancy risk-taking and pregnancy in Australian Adolescents: A longitudinal investigation.

Supervisor: Assoc Prof Tracey Wade

Ken Pidd

The work-related drug use of adolescent apprentices: Planned behaviour from the perspective of social identity theory.


Sophie Pointer

Olfactory cues and autobiographical memory.

Supervisor: Professor Nigel Bond & Professor Mary Luszcz

Diane Pomeroy

Spatiotemporal patterns of brain activity related to memory.

Supervisor: Assoc Prof Richard Clark

Carolyn Semmler

The effects of post-identification feedback on eyewitness confidence.

Supervisor: Professor Neil Brewer

Nathan Weber

Confidence-accuracy calibration in face recognition.

Supervisor: Professor Neil Brewer


Marie Andrew

Thesis Title: Psychosocial outcome after cardiac surgery: Application of a coping model to understand predictors and the role of neuropsychological deficits.

Supervisor: Professor Mary Luszcz

Cherrie Galletly

Thesis Title: An investigation of working memory dysfunction in schizophrenia.

Supervisor: Assoc Prof Richard Clark

Anne Gannoni

Thesis Title: Children's adaptation to chronic illness.

Supervisor: Assoc Prof Rosalyn Shute

Duane Hargreaves

Media influences on adolescent body image: Experiments investigating the role of appearance schemas.

Supervisor: Professor Marika Tiggemann

Maryanne Loughry

Thesis Title: The psychological well-being of Vietnamese children, who were formally unaccompanied asyslum seekers after their return from detention.

Supervisor: Dr Julie Robinson

Matthew Smout

Thesis Title: The development of harm-reduction approaches to alcohol and related problems in young adults.

Supervisor: Professor Peter Wilson and Dr Robert Lynd-Stevenson

Willem van Steenbrugge

Thesis Title: Bilingual lexical access during word - and sentence processing: An ERP study.

Supervisor: Assoc Prof Richard Clark

Peter Strelan

A model for predicting the perceived cost and benefits of performance-enhancing drug use among elite athletes.

Supervisor: Dr Robyn Young and Dr Robert Boeckmann

Michelle Tuckey

Thesis Title: Eyewitness memory and schemas.

Supervisor: Professor Neil Brewer

Helen Wright

Thesis Title: The efficacy of a portable light device for bright light therapy.

Supervisor: Professor Leon Lack


Anthony Kneebone

Thesis Title: Neuropsychological aspects of coronary artery bypass graft surgery.

Supervisor: Professor Mary Luszcz

Natalie Skinner

Thesis Title: The dynamics of threat and challenge appraisals.

Supervisor: Professor Neil Brewer

Eva Strinovich

Thesis Title: Two and three year old children's peer orientation, styles of play and social competence in same-age and mixed-age day care classes.

Supervisor: Dr Julie Robinson

Paul Williamson

Thesis Title: The role of expectation and uncertainty in the relationship between statistics anxiety and achievement.

Supervisor: Dr Julie Mattiske

Gillian Zimmermann

Thesis Title: Improving the psychological management of weight reduction: An evaluation of cognitive - behavioural interventions.

Supervisor: Professor Peter Wilson and Professor Marika Tiggemann


Sharon Watts

Thesis Title: Partners of problem-drinkers: Context, coping and the coping process.

Supervisor: Professor Peter Wilson


Carol-Ann Cayley

Thesis Title: Discrimination between self-report measures of anxiety and depression: A systematic approach using confirmatory factor analysis.

Supervisor: Professor Peter Wilson

Krysten Kemp

Thesis Title: An evaluation of mediation and litigation in the resolution of child residency and contact disputes at the Family Court of Australia.

Supervisor: Professor Peter Wilson