To qualify for admission to a PhD, applicants should hold an honours degree in Psychology at IIA level or better or its equivalent. An honours year of 36 units comprises 18 units of coursework and 18 units of an empirical research thesis. (If you are a student from outside Australia, you will need to contact the Admissions Office to determine the status of your qualifications.)

Suitable academic qualifications do not automatically guarantee entry to postgraduate research degrees. It is also necessary that the proposed course of research be capable of being supervised by a staff member. The research area should be within the area of expertise of a staff member and the staff member should agree to supervise the student. Hence, a student wishing to enroll should first contact an appropriate staff member in order to gain his/her agreement in principle to act as supervisor. The research interests of staff are listed on their respective web pages. Then a formal application can be made on forms obtainable from the Admissions Office. Entry to postgraduate research also requires that students be able to devote sufficient time to their research (part-time enrolment means half-time). Thus, there are a number of steps a prospective research student should consider when applying for entry to a PhD:

  1. Formulate a proposed research topic. This does not have to be a detailed research proposal but should be specific enough to allow staff to judge its potential feasibility.

  2. Contact one or more staff members who appear to have the expertise to supervise the research. (See web pages of individual staff members.) After discussion obtain approval, in principle, from a staff member to nominate him or her as supervisor. This is necessary as the formal application form requires a student to nominate a supervisor. If a student does not follow these first two steps, there may be considerable delay in processing an application.

  3. Obtain an application form from the Admissions Office. This form requires information about prior educational qualifications, a copy of an official University transcript of undergraduate results, proposed research topic, and the name of a staff member who could supervise the research. This form should be completed and returned to the Admissions Office.

  4. This application will then be considered by the Postgraduate Selection Committee of School of Psychology. It is possible that the Committee will want to interview the student and the proposed supervisor. A recommendation is then made to the Faculty Higher Degrees Committee regarding admission to the PhD. The Faculty HDC has the responsibility of final approval of applications for enrolment in higher degrees.

Also see research higher degrees for more details provided by Flinders University.