We produce graduates of outstanding quality

As highlighted below our graduates go on to successful research and academic positions.  Some recent examples:

Academic Positions
Dr Jim Sauer (completed 2008)

Jim's PhD research (eyewitness memory) was published in the leading international journal, Journal of Experimental Psychology: General.  After a brief postdoctoral fellowship at Flinders University, Jim was appointed as a Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Portsmouth, UK.  He has recently received a 100,000 research grant from the Economic and Social Research Council (UK) to continue his program of research.

Dr Carolyn Semmler (completed 2004)

Carolyn's PhD research (in the area of eyewitness confidence) resulted in her being awarded the Australian Psychological Society College of Forensic Psychologists "Maconochie Prize" for outstanding forensic psychology research.  Carolyn is now a lecturer at the University of Adelaide and recently has been awarded an Australian Research Council grant (2010-2012) with colleagues Neil Brewer and Amy Douglass to investigate distortion of eyewitness identification testimony.

Dr Peter Strelan (completed 2003)

After completing a PhD in the area of performance-enhancing drug use among elite athletes, Peter accepted a lectureship at Charles Sturt University.  He has been at the University of Adelaide since 2005, and broadly researches in the area of social psychology, with a particular focus on forgiveness.  He currently holds an Australian Research Council grant (2008-2010) studying the psychological determinants of forgiveness.

Postdoctoral Fellowships
Dr Robyn Vast (completed 2010)

Has just started a 3-year OCE (Office of the Chief Executive) postdoctoral fellowship in the Food and Nutritional Sciences division of the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Research Organization (CSIRO).

Dr Lisa Beatty (completed 2009)

Dr Lisa Beatty is a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in the School of Psychology, funded by a collaboration between the Cancer Council SA, Department of Health, Flinders University Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, and Flinders University Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research).  Lisa works with Professor Tracey Wade and is developing and evaluating accessible psychosocial interventions for people with cancer.

Dr Hannah Keage (completed 2008)

Hannah currently holds a Marie Curie International Incoming Research Fellowship at and is involved in research aimed at better understanding the biological substrates and psychological factors involved int he clinical manifestation of dementia.  Hannah was previously funded by a National Health and Medical Research Council Postdoctoral Training Fellowship.

Dr Simon Wilksch (completed 2007)

Dr Simon Wilksch holds a Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship from the Centre for Intergenerational Health.  He is based in the School of Psychology working with Professor Tracey Wade.  His research focuses on the evaluation of programs aimed at simultaneously preventing eating disorders and obesity.

Dr Nathan Weber (completed 2004)

Dr Nathan Weber obtained an Australian Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowship following his PhD to research the area of eyewitness identification and memory.  He subsequently obtained a lectureship position in the School of Psychology.

Dr Lauren Miller-Lewis (completed 2004)

Lauren is now a National Health and Medical Research Council Public Health Postdoctoral Research Training Fellow at the Research and Evaluation Unit at the Women's and Children's Hospital, Adelaide.

A random selection of other recent graduate awards and achievements

Dr Simon Wilksch won the Australian Psychological Society Excellent PhD Thesis in Psychology Award (2008) and placed 2nd in the Child Youth and Women's Health Service Young Researcher Investigator Award (2007).

Dr Talitha Best published a lead review article in the high-impact journal Nutrition Reviews during her candidature and gave an invited presentation on one of her PhD studies to an audience of 8,000 in Texas, USA. 8,000 - not too many psychology academics can boast about that.

Dr Hayley Dohnt was awarded the 2007 Seymour Fisher Outstanding Body Image Doctoral Dissertation Award in an international competition for her thesis, and in 2005 was awarded the Flinders Public Affairs and Alumni Office Media Award as a result of one of her studies attracting the most media coverage (for all the right reasons, of course) in the University.

Dr Nathan Weber in 2005 was awarded the APA's Division of Experimental Psychology Young Investigator Award in Experimental Psychology: Applied (for Weber, N., & Brewer, N. (2004) Confidence-accuracy calibration in absolute and relative face recognition judgments. Jouranl of Experimental Psychology: Applied, 10, 156-172.).  The Division of Experimental Psychology of the American Psychological Association makes an award each year for the most outstanding empirical papers in each of the five sections of the Jouranl of Experimental Psychology.  The nominations are made by the five JEP editors.

Joh Henley was successful in attracting $40,000 of funding from Flinders University and the South Australian Department of Education and Children's Services to assist in conducting a component of her PhD, a school-based intervention to improve the mental health and wellbeing of adolescent refugees.

Dr Helen Wright's PhD in the area of sleep led directly to four ERA (Excellence in Research for Australia) A-rated publications with over 90 citations and patent applications for a portable light therapy device that is now being commercialised.

Our School News page also highlights further recent research achievements of students and staff.

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