Flinders Pyschology and University provide excellent practical and financial resources for PhD students.


Flinders Psychology provides each PhD student with shared office space, a desk and a personal computer. In addition, students have access to laboratory facilities, technical support staff and a well-equipped test library. We also have a dedicated first year participant pool to assist with recruitment for research studies.


Flinders Psychology has several laboratories for research and teaching.

Technical support staff

The School has three full time technical staff members who are led by the Development Engineer, Paul Douglas and a Technical Support Officer (Electronics), David Hall. They provide specialist support/advice in the areas of Computing, Programming, and Electronic Engineering. Design and construction of equipment is undertaken in the Electronic Section. Technical personnel are also responsible for ensuring that the various laboratories comply with the Universities' Occupational and Health Safety requirements.

Test library

Flinders Psychology maintains a Test Library on campus which is available to staff, postgraduate and honours students. The Test Library contains several hundred tests with multiple copies of the most popular tests. Tests are updated regularly and new tests ordered on recommendation and requirement. Tests may be borrowed between 9:30 am. and 12:30 pm each weekday by emailing epswenquiries@flinders.edu.au.

Financial support

The College of Education, Psychology and Social Work, and the University provide various scholarships and funding schemes to support PhD research and student presentations at conferences.


Flinders University provides a comprehensive list of scholarships and awards that can be used to support students while enrolled in a PhD (see Information on Scholarships). The following are a number of the scholarships that are commonly used by Flinders Pyschology doctoral students.

Australian Postgraduate Award with Stipend (APA), and Flinders University Research Scholarships (FURS) - $22,860 pa tax-free (2011 full-time rate)
Each year the Australian Government and Flinders University provide a number of awards to suitably qualified candidates who are Australian citizens or permanent residents of Australia to proceed to a PhD degree. Scholarship stipends are tax exempt and indexed annually. Tenure of the scholarship is three years for a PhD subject to satisfactory progress. An applicant must be a University graduate or a student who expects to graduate shortly after application. A very good honours degree (first class) or equivalent is usually required. Graduates or graduating students of any recognised University may apply. Scholarship holders are eligible to apply for a relocation allowance, a thesis allowance, paid sick leave, recreation leave, and maternity leave. Please note that applications for Australian Postgraduate Awards and Flinders University Research Scholarships close on the 31st October of the year preceding the commencement of candidature.

Australian Postgraduate Awards - Industry (APAI)
The APAI is a scholarship scheme established by the Australian Government to foster links between university research and industry. The conditions of the award are similar to APAs. The internal closing date for applications is April of the year preceding the commencement of candidature.

International Postgraduate Research Scholarship
For international students, International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS) are funded by the Australian Government through the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research. They are tenable at Flinders University for full-time study towards a Research Doctorate degree. The IPRS pays the international student tuition fees charged by Flinders University for a research higher degree. In addition, Flinders University may provide, to students with outstanding prior studies, a Flinders stipend to accompany the IPRS. The Flinders stipend provides the recipient with a generous living allowance paid at the rate of $22,500 per annum (2010 rate). The IPRS also provides the recipient and dependents with student health cover. IPRS students are not required to pay for visa application fees for themselves or their dependents. Applications close on August 31st August, 2011.

PhD research support

PhD students can apply to the School for up to $2,000 per year to a maximum of $6,200 over their candidature for research costs associated with their thesis.  Another $200 per year is committed by the School to cover photocopying/printing costs.  Applications need to be submitted by 30th September each year.

PhD conference support

The School provides PhD students with financial support to a maximum of $3,000 over the student's candidature to attend conferences at which they are presenting a paper/poster.  Applications must be submitted before attending the conference.  The University Scholarships Committee also provides conference travel money for one conference per candidature on a competitive basis.


PhD students are encouraged to broaden their academic learning experience by participating in teaching and research activities within the School. These generally take the form of paid research assistant work, lecturing and tutoring, and/or marking.