Application Information for Clinical Masters Programme


Please fill out the application carefully as it forms an important part of our selection procedure.  Applicants must produce a detailed application. The application is online and can be accessed here:


Please do not attach a curriculum vitae, but supply the information at the appropriate points online.

It should be noted that entry to the course is very competitive.  The number of places offered may vary depending on known resources at the time of selection.  Interviews will be granted to a limited number of applicants based on:

  • The application
  • Attached academic transcripts,
  • Referees' reports


The interview is an extremely important aspect of the consideration of an applicant’s suitability for the course.  It is important that we are able to contact you between mid-November and the end of February, firstly to arrange interviews (which normally occur late November to early December) and to offer places, and later (January-February) to offer a second round of places for the course should any candidates decline first round offers.  If you expect to be away from your usual address at these times please indicate dates and contact details where indicated below.  Note that acceptance on the course is valid only for the year indicated above.  No deferment of enrolment can be considered.


It is the responsibility of applicants to be available to attend an interview and this requirement should be taken into account in making plans during this period.  It may be possible to arrange telephone interviews for overseas and interstate applicants.  However, South Australian applicants are expected to attend in person.  If you are in any doubt, please contact the Course Coordinator prior to finalising your arrangements.


Applicants for the Clinical Masters Programme who are graduates with psychology degrees from non-Australian universities must have their qualifications assessed by the Australian Psychological Society for equivalence to an Australian programme of study prior to submitting their application.  Information about the process for obtaining this assessment can be found on the APS web site  If you did not complete both secondary and tertiary education in Australia or in a country where English is considered the first or native language, you will need to demonstrate English language skills at IELTS (International English Level Testing System) academic level 7 and achieve the required minimum score of 7 in each component of the IELTS academic module. This is a requirement by the Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA), with further details found at





October 31st      2017             Applications close / Last day for referee reports submission


Late November  2017             Invitation of formal interview to short-listed applicants


Late November  2017             Formal interviews conducted


Early December 2017             Formal offers to successful candidates



Applicants who are offered a place must undertake a criminal history check.  Confirmation of the offer is dependent on a satisfactory criminal history clearance consistent with PsyBA’s requirement that the criminal history check contains no offences that would result in a person being declared unfit to practice.  The PsyBA also requires that students are registered as provisional psychologists with the Board on entry into the program. Students will also need to comply with SA Health’s Immunisation and Blood-Borne Viruses Policy. This is a SA Health Policy Directive requirement for students prior to undertaking clinical placements. The detailed written procedure required for provisional registration and criminal history checks, and proof of immunisation status will be given to those students who are offered a place on the program. Please note that students are responsible for costs associated with provisional registration, criminal history checks, and immunisations.


 Frequently Asked Questions


When will applications open?

2018 applications are open.


When will applications close?

Applications will close at midnight on Tuesday 31st October, 2017. No applications will be accepted after this date. Applications started before this date but not completed by this date will not be accepted. Referee reports received after this date will also not be included.


What information is required to complete my application?

All Applicants

  • Academic Qualifications including Honours percentage mark if known or contact details for your home institution if you don’t know
  • Any Theses completed or currently being undertaken
  • Summary of any employment relevant to your application
  • Summary of other kinds of experience relevant to your application
  • Reasons for applying (including areas of interest within clinical psychology)
  • DOI number and title of any publications you have produced
  • The names of 2 referees (one must be academic) via the Psychology Post-Graduate Reference Request System (
  • Transcripts 

International Applicants

I don’t know my honours mark yet?

If you are currently completing honours and expect to finish this year, the application will allow you to provide contact details of a person at your home institution who will be able to provide your honours percentage mark. This will then be collated with the rest of your application and passed onto the panel for assessment.


Do I need to provide an official transcript?

If you are an existing Flinders student, you don't need to provide a transcript. External applicants should provide a transcript (which can be unofficial) for assessment purposes, however if you are offered a place you will be required to provide an official completed transcript.


What does the application process timeline look like?

Applications close on October 31st, this is the last day for completed applications to be submitted and for referee report submissions

Late November 2017 – Invitation of formal interview to short-listed applicants

Late November 2017 – Formal interviews conducted

Early December 2017 – Formal offers to successful candidates


Are there any conditions attached to the offer?

Yes, the offer is conditional on a completed official academic transcript being supplied by external students only. Flinders University students do not need to supply an official transcript.

The offer is also conditional on the candidate successfully passing a criminal history check and obtaining the various working with children checks


What are the checks required?

  • Child-related employment
  • Aged care sector
  • Disability services sector
  • Vulnerable person employment
  • General employment probity

These Checks are conducted through the DCSI screening unit:

In addition a National Police check detailing any criminal history is required:

Note that Psychology administrative staff will advise how to obtain these clearances once you have been made an offer.