Becoming a psychologist

Becoming a Psychologist

Q. How many years study does it take to become a Psychologist?

A. At least 6 years. You need to complete an Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC) approved three year degree and an Honours year (e.g. BBehavSc(Psych) plus BBehavSc(Hons) or BPsychSc plus BPsychSc(Hons)) or an accredited four year program (e.g. BPsych(Hons)), and two more years of training. The extra two years may be in an accredited Master of Psychology degree (e.g. MPsych(Clin) at Flinders) or as part of a clinical PhD (PhD(Clin) at Flinders) or as practice supervised by an approved supervisor (registered psychologist) under a supervision plan approved by the Psychology Board of Australia. At that stage you would be eligible to apply to the Psychology Board for registration as a psychologist. The Graduate Diploma in Psychology gives students the equivalent of a three year Psych program, so is equivalent in Psychology terms to the three year BBehavSc(Psych) or BPsychSc.


A career path: For students wanting to become a Registered Psychologist (PDF 824KB)