Bachelor of Psychological Studies (graduate entry)

Bachelor of Psychological Studies (graduate entry)

Q. How much credit for prior study can I get towards the Bachelor of Psychological Studies (graduate entry)?

A. It is University policy that no more than two thirds credit will be granted towards an award based on prior study. You could therefore get up to 24 units of credit towards the Bachelor of Psychological Studies (graduate entry). However, if your aim is to get very good grades in an attempt to be admitted to the Honours year in Psychology, then applying for credit for previous topics with average grades will decrease your chance of getting a competitive grade point average (GPA) for honours entry.

Q. Can I still get into the Bachelor of Psychological Studies (graduate entry)when the SATAC deadline has passed?

A. No, applications must be submitted by the published closing date.

Q. Is the Graduate Diploma offered externally?

A. No, as all topics are the same as those studied by students in the BPsych(Hons), BBehavSc(Psych) and BA. However, some material might be available via flexible delivery.

Q. Is there a mid-year intake for the Bachelor of Psychological Studies (graduate entry)?

A. Usually a mid-year intake is available, please contact the Admissions/Prospective Students Office on (08) 8201 3074 for further information.

Q. Do the topic pre-requisite requirements apply to Bachelor of Psychological Studies (graduate entry)students?

A. No. They are waived for Bachelor of Psychological Studies (graduate entry) students. This waiver was established to allow the Bachelor of Psychological Studies (graduate entry) students to be completed in one year full-time, otherwise a one year completion would be almost impossible. However, it is still wise to consider the pre-requisites as recommendations since they indicate that topic coordinators have identified a pre-requisite as very important for the successful completion of their topic.

Q. I am employed and find it difficult to attend all lectures at Flinders. Do many of the topics have their lecture material (slides and outlines) available on line?

A. Yes, most topics have their lecture materials electronically on-line (it is called Flinders Learning Online, FLO) or available in hard copy. At present over 90% are available. In order to get on to FLO you need to be enrolled as a Flinders student.

Q. Do many topics have their lectures recorded and available online?

A. Yes, at present over 70% of topics have their lectures either video or audio recorded and available online.

Q. Would a student be able to complete a topic without attending lectures or tutorials on campus? 

A. Many lecturing staff feel that it is possible to pass their topic without attending lectures on campus but they generally feel that attendance at tutorials and practicals is important for passing the topic and advantageous for getting a high grade.