General - topics and degree structure

General - topics and degree structure

 Q. I am in my third year of Behavioural Science (Psychology) or Psychological Science. Can I do the topics Interviewing and Counselling, and Ethics and Professional Practice in Psychology?

A. No. Due to limited teaching resources and limited availability of work experience placements, these topics are restricted to students in the BPsych(Hons).

Q. I am in the Graduate Diploma. Can I do Skills for Behavioural Scientists?

A. No. These topics are specifically designed capstones desgined for Behavioural Science(Psychology) or Psychological Science or Applications of Psychological Science students and have an emphasis on integration of the content experienced across the three years of their degree.

Q. What can I choose for my elective topics?

A. Elective topics can be chosen from any topic offered at University provided they are available for students in the degree in which you are enrolled, and you have satisfied any prerequisites for the topic.

Q. Can I take semester one off from study and just study in semester two?

A. Yes, just enrol in topics for semester two, however this may impact on which topics you could study in semester two depending upon prerequisites (which may be only offered in Semester one).

Q. How part-time can I study?

A. You can be as part-time as you like, even to the point of only studying one topic in a year, however there is a limit of ten years for completion of a three year degree and 6 years maximum to complete the Graduate Diploma.

Q. Are the lectures videotaped or audiotaped?

A. Most of the compulsory topics and some others are taped. Check with the topic coordinator.

Q. Are any of the Flinders Psychology topics offered externally?

A. No, however some topic materials may be available in flexible delivery mode via the internet.

Q. Can I take leave of absence from my degree?

A. Yes. You need to apply online.

Q. Can I do a Psychology major in a BA?

A. Yes, Psychology major in BA.

Q. What is the second major in the BBehavSc (Psych)?

A. This is an area in the Behavioural Sciences recognised as complimentary to Psychology and is a required component in the BBehavSc(Psych) degree and compulsory at first year level in the BPsych(Hons). There are 12 available second majors.

Q. Can I do a third year topic in my second major even though I'm only in second year?

A. Yes provided you satisfy any prerequisites. Unlike Psychology, other academic areas may offer topics which may be taken during second year even though they have a 'third year' topic number, or in third year even though they have a 'second year' number.

Q. Can I change my second major at the end of first year?

A. If you have chosen two areas in your first year then you can continue with either of those in second and third year to complete your major. If you wish to change to a completely different area, or an area in which you have only taken one topic, then you may be able to complete your degree in the minimum time or more likely it would add at least one extra Semester to your degree and possibly an extra year.

Q. Can I choose topics as part of my second major that are not listed in the Behavioural Science second major guides in the course rule?

A. Possibly. Any variation to the second major sequence must be approved by the relevant representative from that area. Check with the BBSc(Psyc) Director of Studies.  If you wish to do this a Variation to Second Major form must be completed and signed by the representative and then the Behavioural Science Director of Studies and then lodged with the Social and Behavioural Sciences student administration. Forms are available from the Psychology Office.

Q. I know I have completed everything for my degree but I have not received any information about graduation so what should I do?

A. You should contact the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences Student Administration Office in the Social Sciences South building just around the corner from the assignment office. It is possible that you may be wishing to use credit from a previous degree or cross-institutional study but have not formerly applied for that credit towards your current degree or shown evidence of successful completion of the cross-institutional topics.

Q. If I take leave halfway through first year, what topics can I study when I come back the next year?

A. You would have to complete the first year requirements in Psychology in second semester.  Depending upon your second major area you may be able to do some second year topics as well.

Q. Can I overload in a semester, and across the whole year?

A. Yes. You are able to automatically overload to 22.5 units (5 topics) in a semester.  If you wish to overload further you should request approval for the overload via web enrolment and should consult with your Course Advisor about the situation.

Q. Can I get credit towards my degree for prior study?

A. Yes. How much credit depends upon what topics you have completed and how they fit with the structure of the Flinders' degree. You may only receive up to two-thirds credit (72 units from a 108 unit (3 year) degree) towards a Flinders degree on the basis of topics studied elsewhere.

Q. What do specified, unspecified and block credit mean?

A. Specified credit refers to a direct relationship between topics, e.g. obtaining credit for PSYC1101 on the basis of having completed PSYC1104. Unspecified credit is used when the individual topics are not important but the area of study is, e.g. obtaining credit for second year Psychology on the basis of second year Psychology topics studied at another University. Block credit is relevant in situations where all topics in a year are compulsory and so credit can be given for the whole year of study.