Further study

Further study


Q. Can I do honours in Behavioural Science or Psychological Science, or BA then do a masters or PhD?

A. Yes. Completing Honours in one of these degrees with a grade of I (high distinction average) or IIA (distinction average) enables you to apply for entry into masters programs or PhD or PhD(Clin).

Q. What if I want to specialise in Psychology, e.g. become a forensic or sport psychologist?

A. You may be able to study some specialised topics at undergraduate level, however, you would need to complete an APAC accredited four-year program before you can apply for specialised postgraduate Psychology courses. Flinders offers the MPsych(Clin) and PhD(Clin) which are clinical courses. Other universities in SA and interstate offer specialist courses in neuropsychology, organisational, forensic and sport psychology.

Q. What other study could I do at the end of my 3 year degree if I decide not to continue with Psychology?

A. You could apply for honours in the area of your second major. This path has been followed successfully by a number of students. You could also apply for postgraduate study in other areas such as education, social work, speech pathology, medicine etc.

Q. What do I do if I want to do honours in the area of my second major instead of Psychology?

A. Even though your degree may be called Behavioural Science (Psych), the honours program is completely run by the other area, so you would need to approach them during your third year to express your interest and find out about how to apply to them.