Dr Lisa Beatty

PhD completed at Flinders in 2009

Now; Psychologist - Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer, Flinders Medical Centre; Research Fellow, School of Psychology - Flinders University, Australia.

Lisa was awarded her PhD (Clinical Psychology) in 2009. Since this time, she has continuously worked in a combination of clinical and research roles relating to her primary area of interest: cancer adjustment (psycho-oncology). She has worked clinically one day per week in Medical Oncology since 2008, providing a range of individual, couple and group therapy services to cancer patients and their carers. Within this role she supervises Flinders University masters/PhD students on clinical placements, and also take part in national studies investigating new psychological therapies. With respect to research, in 2009 she received a 3.5-year Postdoctoral Fellowship collaboratively funded by SA Health, the Cancer Council SA, and Flinders University to conduct a single-site randomised controlled trial (RCT) evaluating the feasibility and efficacy of an online self-help coping program, compared to an attention-control, for people with early stage cancer and / or their partners. On the basis of the preliminary results for this study, in 2012 she was awarded a 3-year NHMRC Project Grant to trial this web-program nationally, in a multi-site RCT.


Catherine Johnson

PhD Candidate

Before studying psychology, I was a physiotherapist for 25 years. I got interested in mindfulness in the latter part of my physio career, teaching it to patients with chronic pain and general life stress. Learning mindfulness made such a remarkable difference to my own brain that I wished I had learnt some of these skills as a young person. I was excited to find out that I could study psychology on a “fast track” through the postgraduate entry stream, and it took me two years full time to complete my honours degree. I’m now doing a PhD, researching mindfulness in early high school as a prevention programme targeting anxiety, depression and eating disorders. I chose Flinders because it had really flexible options for completing the two bridging subjects (online and at a time of my choice) and the staff were extremely helpful in terms of helping me work out if this was the right pathway for me. Once I started, I found the teaching staff at Flinders absolutely first class – I even learnt to love statistics! I feel incredibly lucky to have changed careers midstream to do work I am really passionate about. Doing research interests and challenges me every day; it’s a bit like solving puzzles. I continue to have great mentors supervising my work and challenging my thinking. Every day when I get up I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else.


Carmen Lucas

BPsych (Hons) completed at Flinders in 2012

I  began my studies in Psychology at Flinders in third     year, having managed to organise a full credit transfer from previous study. The Undergraduate Honours Coordinator took a personal interest in my transfer, urging me to contact him with any questions I might have regarding my studies here. This made me feel acknowledged as a person instead of just being one number in hundreds of students, something which was very important to me coming from a small high school. I think anyone asking the relevant topic or course coordinators here for advice or support would receive it. Further, the topics I studied in third year were really interesting and motivated me to continue with an Honours year. The outstanding experience for me here at Flinders was without a doubt the excellent quality of supervision I received in that final year. I think the Flinders School of Psychology has some very passionate teachers, in a wide range of interesting fields, who are keen to engage with and foster students that have an interest in their areas of expertise.




Dr Anna McKinnon

PhD completed at Flinders in 2010

Now; Research Staff - MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, Cambridge, UK

Dr Anna McKinnon is an Investigator Scientist and Clinical Psychologist at the MRC Cognition & Brain Science Unit in Cambridge, United Kingdom. She works under the supervision of Dr Richard Meiser-Stedman on an MRC funded clinical trial called the Acute Stress Program for Children and Teenagers (ASPECTs). The trial is evaluating the benefits of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy as an early intervention for Post-traumatic Stress Disorder in children and young people. The trial adopts a range of experimental and clinical techniques to explore the cognitive (i.e. memory, attentional, and appraisal-based) and biological (e.g., psycho-physiological measures, genetics) underlying the maintenance of PTSD in youth and mediating treatment responsiveness.


Ben McLean

PhD Clinical Candidate

After 15 years in the physical sciences I wanted a change. I love learning about people and what makes us who we are, and as a scientist, psychology (the science of the mind!) seemed like a great fit. Graduate entry into psychology opened an efficient pathway for me to change career. The coursework has been stretching yet fascinating, and the opportunity to design and lead my own research projects has been especially exciting. My psychology adventure began four years ago now, and in two years I will be qualified with a doctorate in clinical psychology. As a scientist who deeply cares about people I feel I have found my place!


Dr James Sauer

PhD completed at Flinders in 2007

Now; Senior Lecturer, Fellow of the Higher Education Academy - Psychology, University of Portsmouth, UK

After completing his PhD, Jim spent 12 months as a Post Doctoral Research Associate with Neil Brewer (funded by an Australian Research Council - Discovery Project grant), working on a variety of projects related to eyewitness memory and metacognition, and jury decision making. Jim reports: “The School of Psychology at Flinders University was a fantastic place to do a post-doc. In addition to the outstanding lab resources, the campus offered access to large numbers of potential participants, making recruiting and testing (relatively) easy. Further, the School of Psychology’s research strength in the areas of applied memory and cognition, and collegial atmosphere, made for a stimulating and enjoyable research environment.” Jim is currently a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Psychology, and Deputy Director of the International Centre for Research in Forensic Psychology, at the University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom.


Karen Smith


At the age of 45, and after being a teacher for 23 years, I decided to try and gain a better understanding of human behaviour. My aim was not to become a psychologist but to acquire a knowledge of why people, and in particular, children do the things they do. I thought it would help me to become a better teacher and a more empathetic person. I feel it did just that. I enjoyed the practical course content of the postgrad. I was able to gain insight into the theories behind the psychology of human behaviour as well as the practical applications of these theories. I have since applied some of my new found knowledge to my work with children and in my personal life. I thoroughly enjoyed the unique presentation of this interesting course content delivered by lecturers with a wealth of experience. I especially enjoyed the real life stories as I could see their relevance to everyday life. I highly recommend this course as a way to enhance your previous studies and as a stepping stone into a more fulfilling and diverse career.


Dr Simon Wilksch

PhD completed at Flinders in 2007

Now; Psychologist, Advanced Psychology Services, Research Fellow - School of Psychology, Flinders University, Australia.

Since graduating from a PhD (Clinical Psychology) in 2007, Simon has continuously worked a combination of both clinical and research roles. In research settings, he received a Centre for Intergenerational Health Postdoctoral Fellowship to conduct a large-scale RCT of 3 school-based programs aimed at preventing both eating disorders and obesity. While this research is nearing completion, his current position is funded by an NHMRC Targeted Mental Health Research Grant to conduct an RCT of 2 online eating disorder prevention programs with young-adult women at high-risk of an eating disorder. In clinical settings Simon initially worked in 2 public adult mental health roles before establishing Advanced Psychology Services in 2009 with fellow Flinders graduate Dr Anna Steele. This clinic specialises in the treatment of eating disorders in adolescents and adults and has consistently expanded over its four years of operation where we now have two associate clinicians (both Flinders graduates) also providing treatment at our clinic.