Henrik Laeborg (Denmark)

Clinical Neuropsychologist

My semester at Flinders University has definitely made a huge impact on my professional and personal life. Studying a semester abroad has not only broaden my perspectives on the field of psychology and education in general but has also given me experiences and friendships for lifetime. There is just an unique welcoming and relaxed feeling at Flinders University combined with a very high professional level from both teachers and students which is just remarkable. Life in Adelaide is also great fun and the city has lots to offer. I’ll definitely be coming back to South Australia in the future…


Shu Juan (Singapore)

During the term of my internship at the School of Psychology, I have found Flinders to be a dynamic and lively university. In this vibrant campus, there are many academic opportunities that are presented to international students like me. For one, lectures provide students with grounds for discussions, which makes learning more engaging, thought provoking and stimulating. The teaching staffs are also very approachable in times of academic needs and are always generous in sharing their own pool of knowledge and experience. The school also provides students with a great learning environment and additional support and resources are easily accessed. Besides having reached out to my academic needs, the staffs and students of the university have been very helpful and friendly throughout my term there. On top of being supported academically by inspiring lecturers and the ever-friendly staffs and students, I have had the opportunity to make great friends and experience living in Adelaide as well. In all, Flinders has given me a really enriching learning experience!


Dr Tomoko Nishizawa (Japan)

PhDCP graduate

My time at Flinders University as a psychology student was full of great challenges. During my undergraduate years, I was able to learn wide varieties of topics and broaden my knowledge. Importantly, the school of psychology taught me to use my critical thinking skills and to trust my own abilities. The psychology staff are highly approachable and are always willing to take extra steps to ensure that the students are provided with the best learning experiences and care. For example, when my PhD supervisor found out that I was accepted the Flinders University Research Scholarship to continue on with my postgraduate degree, he called me in person to let me know. Thanks to the support of the university, I have gained so much more than I ever imagined. No wonder I studied at Flinders University for 7 years!