Research Frequently Asked Questions

Early Career Researchers (ECRs)

What is the definition of an Early Career Researcher (ECR)?

What awards and funding schemes are ECRs eligible to apply for?

What programs for development are available to ECRs?

New Academic Staff

What is the Establishment Grant and who is eligible to apply for it? (login)

How do I enter my previous publications into the Flinders University publications system and who can help me?

Transferring grants to Flinders University from another institution.

What software licencing is available for staff and students through the University?


What research project funding is available for staff through the Faculty?

What funding for research projects and conferences is available for staff at School level?

What research project and conference funding is available for Research Higher Degree students?


What is the role of the University's Research Services Office?

What is the role of the Faculty Research Services Office?

When should I use a certification form?

Where can I find information about the University's infrastructure levy?

What ARC information and assistance is available?

When do I use Fields of Research (FoR) codes and where can I find them?

What are Socio-Economic Objective (SEO) codes and where can I find them?

Publications and data

What do I need to do with my publications in relation to the ARC and NHMRC open access policy?

What is eResearch@Flinders?

What are my responsibilities in relation to data storage?


Where will I find the University's policies and procedures about research?

What is the role of the Advisers on Integrity in Research?

What is the role of Contact Officers for allegations of research misconduct?





ARC information and assistance

  • The Faculty and the University's Research Services Office (RSO) have held a number of workshops about grant writing for ARC funding schemes. You can find handouts and recordings of Faculty sessions at the Workshops and presentations page on the Faculty Research website, and on the RSO's Development and Training - Past Workshop presentations page .

  • The Faculty Research Officers can assist you with setting up your ARC RMS login, and with using the RMS grant application system.

  • Some ARC grant applications, along with their reviews and rejoinders, which were successful in previous rounds have been made available by the investigators to potential applicants for viewing. These are available in hardcopy in the Faculty Research Services Office 250S and are not copied or distributed electronically unless the direct permission of the investigators is obtained. To organise a time to access these examples of successful applications please contact the Faculty Research Officer .

  • Prior to ARC grant application submission, the Faculty Research Officers will organise external reviews of your complete draft application by retired ARC College members, allowing time for revision in light of feedback before submission.

  • The Faculty Research Officers and the RSO will do compliance checks on your ARC grant application.

  • You can contact the Faculty Research Officer with any queries about your ARC grant application in the first instance, or the RSO's Grants Officer: ARC.

  • The ARC website contains information about all its funding schemes , funding outcomes , and important dates as well as funding agreements and reporting requirements .

  • If you have questions about your ARC grant post-award, contact the RSO Grants Officer: ARC .