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Infrastructure levy

A recording of the Lunchtime Snapshot Workshop, 'Understanding the Infrastructure Levy', facilitated by Daniel Flaherty, Director of Financial Services, explaining and answering questions about the University's infrastructure levy is available on the Faculty Research Workshops web page. 

See the University's Cost Recovery and Pricing Policy Section 5 Distribution of Revenue, and the University's Cost Recovery and Pricing Policy Guidelines

The Guidelines state that 'Infrastructure costs relate to the general infrastructure associated with the functioning of the University rather than costs that can be clearly identified and assigned to the specific project or activity'. Section 2.6 of the Guidelines provides detailed information about the infrastructure levy.

The 25% infrastructure levy is deducted from external income received, including research income, unless the external funding falls into an exempt category. Therefore the levy must be considered when preparing a budget for grant applications, research contracts and consultancies. Sections 4.3 and 4.4 of the policy provide general guidance about Pricing Different University Activities.

The exempt categories of external funding are listed on the Flinders University Certification Form and are:

  • Research funding schemes listed in the Australian Competitive Grants Register (ACGR);
  • Donations and bequests;
  • Thesis marking honoraria;
  • Funding exclusively for research higher degree and honours scholarships; 
  • Funding for Research Fellowships or Awards;
  • Partner organisation contributions associated with ACGR schemes and internal research collaborative schemes; 
  • Cooperative Research Centre program funds where the University is a participant organisation;
  • Research funding up to, and including, $10,000;
  • Grants exclusively for equipment;
  • Grants exclusively for travel and/or living expenses;
  • Funding from bodies which explicitly state that an infrastructure levy is not funded, or only funded at a particular rate. Evidence must be provided if the funding body is not on the list maintained by the Research Services Office (scroll down to see list on RSO grants and contracts web page ) .

In all other cases, requests for exemption, waiver or reduction of the infrastructure levy must be made via the Certification Form and receive the approval of the Executive Dean.