Certification form

All external research grant applications, expressions of interest, and contracts/agreements requiring execution by the University require a fully completed Certification Form. The certification form is necessary in order for an account number to be established.

The Flinders University Certification Form can be downloaded from the Research Services Office web page.

Please send your certification form with accompanying documentation by email to the  College Research Officer for the signatures of the College of Business Government & Law Vice President/Executive Dean and the College Dean (Research).

When submitting a certification form for approval from the BGL VP/ED the following documents must be attached:
  1. a Covering Memo to the VP/ED including details of the project Exec Dean Memo template (DOCX 178KB)
  2. the completed Certification Form already signed by the applicant(s)
  3. a full copy of the application/contract/agreement. 

Unless otherwise requested, when the certification form has been signed by the VP/ED, the original certification form will be scanned and emailed to the RSO (cc to applicant). The original certification form will be returned to the applicant for their records.

The following links may be helpful when completing the certification form: