FRG report forms

All recipients of Faculty Research Grants (FRG), (formerly Flinders Research Grants (FRG) prior to the 2011 for 2012 funding round), are required to submit a final report within six months of the termination of the grant. Final reports should be submitted to the Faculty Research Officer on the appropriate report form.

FRG15 final reports (applications submitted in 2014 for funding commencing in 2015) are due Monday, 29 August 2016

FRG15_ReportForm_2014 for funding commencing in 2015 (PDF 308KB)

FRGReportForm2013for2014Funding (PDF 307KB)

FRGReportForm2012for2013Funding (PDF 290KB)

FRG Report Form 2011 for 2012 funding (DOCX 42KB)

FRG Report Form 2010 for 2011 funding (DOCX 45KB)

FRG Report Form 2009 for 2010 Funding (DOCX 43KB)

FRG report form 2008 for 2009 funding.doc (DOC 126KB)

FRG report form 2007 for 2008 funding.doc (DOC 125KB)