Research Proposal

The initial definition of the topic is provided in the application for candidature and a more detailed research proposal is required 6-12 months after beginning candidature. The form of the research proposal will vary across Schools but will normally cover such matters as:

  • proposed title and topic;
  • rationale, aims, objectives and methodology;
  • literature review;
  • preliminary bibliography;
  • timetable;
  • a provisional table of contents; and
  • an indication of any special considerations that may be required.

This proposal is examined by a committee of the supervisors, School Research Higher Degrees Coordinator and at least one other person not involved in the supervision of the student. A report on the status of the proposal, signed by members of the Proposal Committee is forwarded to the Faculty Administrative Officer (Research Higher Degrees) soon after the proposal meeting.  The recommendation will be forwaded to the Chair of the Faculty Higher Degrees Committee and a copy will be kept on file.

The proposal will be assessed to ensure that the project is viable and that there are resources available to support the proposed project. In the case of MA students seeking to upgrade to a PhD, the research proposal may be used as part of the upgrade procedure. Other requirements, such as for presentation of seminars by students, vary across Schools. Students should consult their School Research Higher Degrees Coordinator for further details.

Research proposal form (DOC 64KB)