Fulbright Distinguished Chair in Applied Public Policy

Flinders University is proud to announce its continued commitment to the Fulbright Distinguisehd Chair program and recently entered into a joint 5 year agreement with Carnegie Mellon University Australia (CMUA) for the joint Fulbright Flinders University/CMUA Distinguished Chair in Applied Public Policy.  This agreement commenced in 2017.

Flinders and CMUA, in partnership with the Australian-American Fulbright Commission, invite leading scholars from the United States to occupy the Chair in Applied Public Policy.

As for the previous Chair in American Political Science, the Chair in Applied Public Policy provides a unique opportunity to undertake collaborative research into key policy issues important to both Australia and the United States, for 4 to 5 months each year.  There is growing consideration given to the strategic interests of the United States in the Asia-Pacific region, exemplified by the US-Australia relationship.

At Flinders Univerity, the distinguished chair will be affiliated with a School or Centre matching his or her disciplinary expertise and is also encouraged to associate with the American Studies Program.

At Carnegie Mellon University Australia, the distinguished chair will be affiliated with both the Public Policy and Management Program and the Information Technology and Management Program.


List of Fulbright Chair in Applied Public Policy

January - June 2018

Dr Allison Macfarlane


Research focus on nuclear proliferation, nuclear safety, the siting of nuclear waste facilities,

and public opinion about nuclear technology

View Public Lecture Hot Issues in the Outback: Nuclear Waste

January - June 2017

Dr David Stoesz


View Public Lecture: Modernizing Pubilc Policy: Putting Private Capital to Social Purposes




 Visit the Australian-American Fulbright Commission website to find out more on this wonderful opportunity.


Contact via email:

Prof Don DeBats, Flinders University, don.debats@flinders.edu.au

Tim O'Loughlin, Carnegie Mellon University Australia, tim.oloughlin@australia.cmu.edu




2019 Chair in Applied Public Policy will be

Professor Donald S. Shepard, Brandeis University

Research title: Cost-benefit analysis of innovative approaches for vector control

This will be a quantitative research project focusing on benefit-cost analyses of two innovative approaches to controlling Aedes mosquito and other insects: sterile male and Wolbachia. When sterile male insects mate with females, they produce no offspring, thereby driving down the insect population.  Wolbachia, a bacteria transplanted from fruit flies, inhibit the mosquito's ability to transmit dengue and Zika, thereby reducing these diseases. Current research is quantifying the effectiveness of these innovative vector control approaches.