StudentThesis titleSupervisor
Ahoure, Pierre Post-Crisis Instability in Africa: UN Security Council, Regional Security Arrangements of States, Colonial Legacies and the Instruments of Crisis Management in Ghana and Cote d'Ivoire Michael Sullivan
Arnold, Marilyn Advertising emigration to South Australia: Information dissemination; the promulgation and impact of advertising the colony of South Australia, 1829-1857 Andrekos Varnava
Barker-Gale, Jesse US-Japanese Relations  Don DeBats
Ching, Mya Development, nationalism and ethnicity: the case of Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh Susanne Schech
Climas, Hannah Australia, North Africa and the Arab Spring Tanya Lyons
Fazio, Daniel US-Australian Relations and Korea, 1947-1954 Don DeBats
Ghanbari, Kamran The diplomacy of non-proliferation  
Gibson-Pope, Cassandra  The role of Neighbourhood Centres in supporting new arrivals in South Australia Susanne Schech
Gould, Bronte An Examination of the Women's Non-Party Political Association 1909-1939, and comparison with the Women's Service Guild, Western Australia, and the South Australian Country Women's Association Catherine Kevin
Melanie Oppenheimer
Graham, Storm German colonial history Matthew Fitzpatrick
Ing,Heidi Immigration History, South Australia 1836-1900 Eric Richards
Islam, Rafiqul Climate Induced Displacement, Migration and Conflict in Bangladesh: Nature, Complexities and Mitigation Policies Susanne Schech
Jacobs, Stephanie Greek and Turkish Cypriot relations prior to the civil unrest of the 1950's , 1960's and 1970's Andrekos Varnava
Kimura, Tets Cosmopolitan impact of contemporary Japanese fashion: 'Japanese streets' in Australia as Japan's cultural 'soft power'   
Kurda, Charissa German History: Persecution of the 'gypsies' under the Nazis Matt Fitzpatrick
Littler, Kim Re-positioning the archive: from Colonial past to Indigenous present, Wilhelm von Blandowski in Australia 1949-1859 Peter Monteath
Mammone, Christina Comparative case-study on how culture can affect the disarmament, demobilization and reintegration of child soldiers in Colombia and Sierra Leone Tanya Lyons
Martin, Dahlia Family and the Melayu Baru: Motherhood and Malay Muslim Identity Michael Barr
Martin, Michael Transition in Afghanistan  
Maryuni, Maryuni Barriers to participation: women members of Parliament and their role in decision-making process in the Indonesian National Parliament Jane Haggis
Mex, Christel Volunteering Melanie Oppenheimer
Mohamed Noor, Muhamad Malay political culture and regime maintenance Michael Barr
Morisset, Paul History: Russia during the civil war period  
Mortimer-Murphy, Kieran French Imperalism in the Mediterranean 1870-1914 Andrekos Varnava
Mosmann, Petra Archiving Women's Liberation: Feminist material cultures, memory and historical consciousness Catherine Kevin
Nugent, Anthony Cornish identity and the migrant experience in South Australia post WWII Philip Payton 
Olivia, Yessi Human rights in Indonesia Anthony Langlois
Piechnick, Troy Ireland: Europe and Euroscepticism Evan Smith
Raeside, Casey European imperialism and humanitarianism 1870s-1914 Andrekos Varnava 
Rickmann, Stephen Food Security and International Relations in China Michael Sullivan
Rogers, Zachary International Relations Theory Anthony Langlois
Scott, Brendan Australian twentieth century history - research proposal focusing on a biographical study of Robert Butler, church minister, termperance workers, labor candidate and social credit advocate from 1912 to 1936 Melanie Oppenheimer
Stewart-Peters, Ella The history of the Cornish mining diaspora in South Australia and beyond, with a focus on public health Philip Payton 
Tambunan, Edwin Conflict management in Southeast Asia Michael Barr
Troath, Sian Trust and cooperation in international relations: Indonesian foreign policy Maryanne Kelton 
Whitton, Ellen History in film and film on history Andrekos Varnava
Willis, David US Strategy in the Asia-Pacific Region Maryanne Kelton
Zotti, Jessica Rwanda's colonial era and christianity as precursors to the 1994 Genocidal Outbreak Matthew Fitzpatrick