StudentThesis title
Abdul Azeez, Rizwana Malayness, Language and Power
Aktar, Shajeda Empowering women through direct election in reserved seats: a comparative study of rural and urban local government institituions in Bangladesh
Al-Dhiyabi, Rashid Mohamed Development in the Gulf States
Bailey, Martin Corporate influence on US legislative, regulatory and judicial decision making
Balfour, Joshua Inverted Oversight: How Congressional Appropriators displaced authorizers in determining the fate of major weapon programs, 2001-2006
Bienvenue, Emily Japan's and China's strategies for maritime diplomacy in Southeast Asia, 1945-2014: Identifying prospects for cooperation
Bissett, Natasha Resisting Regime Change in Singapore: Governmentality and the Impact of the Internet
Bradshaw, Pia Policy coherence in the emerging international business and human rights regime: lessons from Canada
Buswell, Clare Women's Identity and Moral Authority under Colonial Rule in Kenya
Dunstan, Ines Amalia and the Maid: A critical history of the representation of female domestic servants in Argentine literature and historiography from 1846 to 2008
Ellis, Carol Polls Apart?
Essery, Roderick The Cherokee Nation in the nineteenth century: racial tensions and the loss of tribal sovereignty
James, Mary Stephanie Deep green loathing? An examination of shifting Irish-Australian loyalties in the Victorian and South Australian Irish-Catholic press 1868-1923
John, Sarah Experience and expectation: socialization and the different motivational bases of party policy on campaign finance reform in Australia, Canada and the United States
Karageorgos, Effie Soldier's Words: A comparative study of Australians' letters and diaries from the Boer and Vietnam Wars in the context of 20th century theories of soldiering
King, Simon The development and reception of public opinion polling in Australia 1920-1945
Lada, Krzysztof The Ukrainian Topos of Oppression and the Volhynian Slaughter of Poles, 1841-1943/44
Lataan, Damian The New American Century: Neoconservatives and their Influence on US Foreign Policy in the Middle East, 2000-2010
Laurie-Fletcher, Daniel On her Majesties' secret service: an historical perspective of British invasion/spy literature, 1871-1918
Maher, Annette The evolution of the volunteering infrastructure and Volunteering Australia: its impact on the history and development of volunteering in Australia 1970-2012
Matters, Ann British Imperialism in Iraq, 1914-1932: asking for trouble
Muradi The Indonesian National Police in Post-Soeharto's Indonesia: Politicization and Decentralization in the Era of Reformasi, 1998-2008 
Muttaqien Democratisation and Indonesia's Foreign Policy under President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (2004-2009): The Domestic Political System and Foreign Policy Decision Making
Preston, Matthew The Future of Nuclear Deterrence
Provis, Peter 'I hope to be of some real assistance to your government': The extra-judicial activities of Sir William Flood Webb, 1942-1948
Putland, Carol Tuberculosis and the Australian State: Australia's National Anti-tuberculosis Campaign 1898-1948. An Administrative History of a Public Health Policy
Uzair, Achmad The production of disaster: State, capital and civil society in the Lapindo mudflow eruption in East Java
Wang, Junyi East Asia's New Political Economy
Weintre, Johan Resources and governance bounded by Dayak worldviews: the Taman and Kantu' communities in Kapuas Hulu District, Kalimantan
Widianingsih, Ida International donor policy and Local Government in Indonesia: establishing good governance?