SHIR research funding opportunities for students

This site provides access to information and application forms for research funding for SHIR students. 

  Research Student Funding Guidelines 2017 (PDF 261KB)

The School of History & International Relations provides the following schemes for SHIR research students:

Once funds have been allocated, funds can be accessed by submitting the appropriate documentation to the School Manager.

The Higher Degree Administration and Scholarships Office has funding schemes available (in addition to the School schemes). Check their website for details and closing dates of schemes including:



Research student support

Students enrolled in a thesis of 18 units or more are entitled to Research Student Support (RSS). This scheme is to assist with minor expenses such as photocopying, stationery, thesis binding and sundry items.

The funds will be allocated by the School at the beginning of each student's candidacy:

  • full-time candidature $200 per year
  • part-time candidature $100 per year

The following rules apply:

  • RSS is allocated automatically at the beginning of candidacy
  • Students will not be funded for RSS whilst on intermission. Intermissions and other changes of candidature will be taken into account in applications for additional allocations.
  • No RSS is allocated to students after their expected completion date. 


  • Students must be enrolled in theses of between 18 and 108 units. An 18 unit thesis will be treated as a part-time candidacy.
  • Applicants must be enrolled in a research higher degree in the School of History and International Relations.


Research Student Support can be used for expenses such as: printing, photocopying and stationery (such as paper, data storage (e.g. floppy discs, CDs, USB, USB adaptor card), computer ink cartridges), interlibrary loans where a fee is charged.

The RSS does not cover the purchase of publications. Students should use the other South Australian libraries or the Document Delivery services of the Flinders University Library to access books that are not in the library. Thesis binding is included in this amount to a maximum of $100.


Applications for additional funds in subsequent years can be made at any time during the year, submitted to the School Manager using the: