SHIR research funding opportunities for students

This site provides access to information and application forms for research funding for SHIR students. 

  Research Student Funding Guidelines 2017 (PDF 261KB)

The School of History & International Relations provides the following schemes for SHIR research students:

Once funds have been allocated, funds can be accessed by submitting the appropriate documentation to the School Manager.

The Higher Degree Administration and Scholarships Office has funding schemes available (in addition to the School schemes). Check their website for details and closing dates of schemes including:



Research student project funding – competitive scheme

Please note: Due to the University Restructure the School will only be holding one round of funding for 2017.  Closing date is 5.00 p.m. Wednesday 8 March 2017. Applications should be in PDF and emailed to

Students enrolled in research higher degrees (Master of Arts by Research or PhD) can apply for project funding to support their research. Research Higher Degree (RHD) Project Funding is for contained and approved projects, fieldwork or surveys. Amounts up to $4,000, but preferably up to $2,000, can be sought.  RHD Project Funding is available only once throughout a RHD candidature.


RHD Project Funding can be used for expenses such as:

  • fieldwork
  • surveys and questionnaires (and associated costs)
  • student travel for data collection purposes
  • equipment not covered by the Faculty equipment pool


The RHD Project Funding is meant to support, rather than fully fund, the research projects undertaken for a Research Higher Degree.  Applicants must include any other project or fieldwork funding they have received and/or applied for in their application. 

The funding does not cover

  • purchase of publications;
  • computers;
  • research assistant payments or associated costs;
  • thesis preparation costs (including editing, proofreading or binding);
  • attending conferences or workshops or intensive courses integral to research (see: Postgraduate Conference Funding )

Application process

The School has limited funding available to support research projects and applications under this scheme are competitive. Applications will be received twice a year, normally February and September, and will be ranked by the School Research Committee whose decision will be on based on merit. Applications may only be partially funded.

Application Form:

Attach to your project form a project overview of no more than two pages, briefly explaining your project in lay terms, what you plan to do, how you plan to do it, and justification of your budget.

Payment of allocation

Recipients will be allocated a university account from which they can claim advances or reimbursements.

Ethics Clearances

The policy of the University requires that appropriate ethics clearances (e.g. Animal Ethics and Human Ethics) be issued before research projects may commence.  A condition of RHD Project funding is that, if Ethics Committee clearances are required for any components of the project, you will seek and obtain the necessary approval prior to commencing those components.  Failure to comply with this requirement will result in funds for this grant being reclaimed.
Ethics clearances can be sought from one of the following committees: