Digital Media

multiple images and screens

The digital media awards at Flinders prepare students for the growing and dynamic area formed by the convergence of computer science and digital media including animation, computer games, computer graphics and information visualisation. Building on a strong computing foundation, students also take topics in both screen studies and creative arts culminating in a major digital media technical project in their final semester.

Flinders offers a wide range of awards in the area from creative arts awards that have minimal computing content through to a complete, Australian Computer Society accredited award.  The courses include a strong foundation in both the theoretical and the practical aspects of computer science and digital media production, including the use of advanced tools in the area.

With Flinders' Screen Studies and Drama Centre a partner in South Australia's Helpmann Academy and Flinders' Computing a vital part of it School of Computer Science, Engineering and Mathematics students will interact and work with those pursuing a diverse range of careers from performers and directors through to IT professionals.

Graduates will be able to use professional skills and knowledge in the systematic development of complex computer-based systems, specifically in the digital media arena.  The undergraduate award has a high degree of commonality with both the Bachelor of Computer Science and the Bachelor of Creative Arts which facilitates student transfer between the awards.

All Flinders' ICT degrees provide for an optional industry based practicum.  For the Bachelor of Information Technology (Digital Media) this can be from 13 weeks to a full-year in industry.   Flinders computing students can thus complete their degree having gained first-hand industry experience.

Courses offered:

  1. A three year Bachelor of Information Technology (Digital Media) degree.
  2. A four year honours degree taking students through to honours level for students with an ATAR over 80 or those in the 3-year degree maintaining a credit average.
  3. A Master of Science (Computer Science) aimed at students whose first degree is in a computing related discipline.  (For those whose first degree is in another discipline, the School offers its highly regarded Master of Information Technology).