Information Technology / Information Systems

Information Technology (IT) is the study of the application of computers to organisation information problems.

IT is integral to everything we do and our use of IT drives innovation and assists us to solve problems in areas such as medical research, climate change, the environment, and business. It has a significant impact upon the creative industries and in the development of new products and services. Information Technology covers everything from designing software to managing information systems and data.

In first year, students gain skills in the core technologies, and knowledge of general computing and introductory programming. Much of this is common to the Computer Science degree, enabling students to transfer if they wish.

In second and third year students further develop their expertise in database management, knowledge management and web-based software development. Throughout the course, students have the opportunity to participate in group projects, and presentations by guest lecturers who are computing and information technology professionals.  Assessment is designed so that it is relevant to the industries in which graduates will work.

Students can progress to Honours (fourth year) which will allow them to further develop their professional skills, particularly those relevant to research and development, as well as their technical expertise and knowledge. 

After successfully completing Honours, a student may choose to do a postgraduate research degree. Here they can undertake research in such contemporary fields as data mining and knowledge discovery, enterprise IT and intelligent systems. 

All Flinders' ICT degrees provide for an optional industry based practicum.  For the Bachelor of Information Technology this can be from 13 weeks to a full-year in industry.  Flinders computing students can thus complete their degree having gained first-hand industry experience.

Courses offered:

  1. An accredited three year Bachelor of Information Technology degree.
  2. An accredited four-year degree taking students through to honours level available for applicants with an ATAR over 80 or those in the 3-year degree maintaining a credit average.
  3. Our Master of Science (Computer Science) is aimed at students whose first degree is in a computing related discipline.  (For those whose first degree is in another discipline, the School offers its highly regarded Master of Information Technology).