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The Medical Device Research Institute (MDRI), is a uniquely multi-disciplinary research network that aims to be the national research leader in medical device research and development.



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Upcoming events

World Congress of Biomechanics
6- 11 July 2014
Boston, USA

Dr Egon Perilli has been invited to give a keynote presentation on Thursday 10 July, 'Investigating Whole-organ Mechanical Failure, With Experimental Testing And Architectural Characterisation In The Micro-meter Range, On Human Vertebrae: Was The Core Telling It All?'

Prof Mark Taylor will also be giving a presentation on Tuesday 8 July, titled 'Methods for Accounting for Patient Variability When Assessing Fixation of Orthopaedic Implants Using FE’. 

For more information about the 7th World Congress of Biomechanics, visit

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MDRI represented on World stage

Prof Mark Taylor (MDRI Deputy Director and Strategic Professor of Biomedical Engineering) and Dr Egon Perilli (MDRI Senior Research Fellow) are in Boston this week, attending the World Congress of...

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