What is a Financial Hardship Grant?
    The purpose of the Financial Hardship Grant Scheme is to assist students, enrolled in their second or later year  of an award at Flinders University, to continue their enrolment in their current course.

    Applicants must be:

    a) Enrolled in the second or later year of an award of the University; and

    b) Able to demonstrate that the provision of the grant will assist them to continue their enrolment in their current course; and

    c) Able to show that other sources of financial assistance have been sought and are unavailable or inappropriate.

    N.B. (1) You may be invited to make an appointment to discuss your circumstances with Student Assist staff if we believe that financial counselling and/or academic advocacy may be of benefit.

    N.B. (2) Please note that fields with* are compulsory

  • Section A: Eligibility

  • Section B: Personal Details

  • Section C: Details of Current Enrolment

  • - - Pick a Date
  • Section D: Demographic Information

  • Section E: Please provide the following details

  • Section F: Payment Details

  • If this Application is successful, please pay the Grant into:

  • Section G: Attached Documents

  • Please attach copies of your documents to support your application. Proof of income includes pay slips from your employer, Centrelink statements, etc. Proof of expenses could include for example, a quote for car repairs, an electricity bill, a printout showing cost of textbooks for your courses etc. If you have problems uploading, please check the size of your images, they may be too big. 

    N.B. (1) You are required to submit all the compulsory documentation in its entirety to be eligible for assessment. Applications missing any of the requested evidence are ineligible. 

    N.B. (2) If your bank statements/proof of expenses are not under your name you must submit evidence that the information provided relates to you. 

  • Section H: Income & Expenditure Statement

  • Section I: Applicant Declaration

  • I declare that the information in this application is complete and accurate, and that I give permission for FUSA to verify my enrolment details.

  • Should be Empty:

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