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International graduate entry

Flinders University offers graduate entry into the Doctor of Medicine to prospective international students who:

  • have completed a bachelor degree; or
  • are in the final year of a bachelor degree or equivalent.

Successful applicants will be guaranteed Flinders University housing on campus on request.

You are considered an international student if you do not hold Australian or New Zealand citizenship or Australian permanent residency at the time of application; through to the time your Acceptance is formally received and processed by Flinders University.


Haur Wey Tan

"Studying in Adelaide provides a great opportunity for a balanced experience of study and leisure. There are many beautiful places such as the beaches for me to explore – allowing me to embrace nature in between studies.

"Flinders University provides me with high quality medical education delivered by experienced academic staff and clinicians.

"There is a strong emphasis on self-directed learning, which is essential for my future medical practice.

"The Flinders School of Medicine also has well-structured medical placement opportunities during the clinical years, which I find both exciting and rewarding, with many opportunities to learn!"

Haur Wey Tan - Malaysia



Pearlyn Wong

"It has been a truly enriching learning experience studying Medicine at Flinders.

"All my fears about entering a new environment and culture were unfounded as I slowly came to realise how welcoming the Flinders family is. The lecturers and tutors are very approachable and amicable and are always there to lend us a helping hand whenever we need it.

"The school allows us to pursue our interests in various aspects of Medicine and I was privileged to be allowed to go to the Global Health Conference in Sydney last year where I heard from many amazing and inspiring speakers. There are many opportunities throughout our study in Flinders to attend such talks or conferences and being an international student doesn't mean I am less privileged to do so.

"It has been an amazing 1.5 years of journey so far and I can't wait to see what else this beautiful city of Adelaide can offer!"

Pearlyn Wong - Singapore



Timeline for 2019 entry

April 16
Decision Point 1
May Interviews
June 27
Decision Point 2
August Interviews
November 19 Decision Point 3 (if places are still available)
February MD classes commence

All completed applications will be considered at each decision point providing all supporting documentation has been received. These timelines may be subject to change. Flinders reserves the right to consider applicants outside of these timelines.

Flinders attempts to fill all places as soon as possible. This means it is in an applicant's interest to apply as soon as they are able to provide all supporting documentation. Interviews will only be held if places are, or are likely to become, available.

Academic requirements

Graduate entry into the Doctor of Medicine is offered to prospective international students who:

  • have completed a bachelor degree; or
  • are in the final year of a bachelor degree or equivalent.

Your degree can be in any area of study, but must be from an Australian university or a recognised tertiary institution of equivalent standard. There are no prerequisite topics or subjects. If you are in the final year of study, satisfactory completion of your degree will be a condition of entry.

Once you have submitted your application, we will calculate a weighted grade point average (wGPA). This wGPA is calculated on the last three full-time equivalent years of your bachelor degree (inclusive of honours if applicable). It is determined by weighting final year studies x3, second year studies x2 and first year studies x1.

Other qualifications, such as masters and research higher degrees, are not included in the wGPA calculation. However, research higher degrees may provide you with valuable experience that could help your interview performance.


Admissions test

You will be required to submit your results of either of the following medical school admissions tests:

Graduate Australian Medical Schools Admissions Test (GAMSAT)

  • We accept your GAMSAT score from the current or preceding two years.
  • You will require a minimum standard of 50 in each section.

Medical College Admission Test (MCAT)

  • We accept MCAT scores from the current or preceding three years.
  • We expect minimum MCAT scores of:
    • 123/123/123/123 (492 total)

Neither test is given preference in the selection process.


English language requirements

You must satisfy our Flinders English Language proficiency requirements.

The interview

Interviews are normally held in May and August each year. Invitations are issued to applicants on the basis of their admissions test score and wGPA.

The interview is semi-structured with a common set of scenarios and questions for all applicants. It is designed to assess qualities considered important both for success in medical school and in subsequent medical practice. These include:

  • Quality of motivation
  • Learning style and team skills
  • Communication skills
  • Pro-social attitude
  • Personal management and self-evaluation skills
  • Approach to decision-making
Interview locations

If you live overseas, you will not be expected to travel to Australia, however, you are welcome to visit Flinders and have your interview while you are here. If you live in the following countries you will be expected to attend the interview in person:

Country of residence Interview location
 Australia Adelaide
 Singapore Singapore
China Hong Kong
 UK London
USA San Francisco or Los Angeles
 Canada Vancouver and/or Toronto

All travel and associated costs are your responsibility. If you live in another country we may offer you a face to face interview, or Skype interview at our discretion.



After interview, you will be ranked against other applicants based on an entry score comprising  (in equal weighting):

  • GAMSAT or MCAT overall score
  • Weighted GPA
  • Interview score

How to apply

If you satisfy the admission requirements, you may apply at any time during the open application period. We attempt to fill all places as soon as possible and use the following decision points throughout the year:

  • April 16
  • June 27
  • November 19 (if places are still available)



You cannot defer entry into the MD unless genuine, unforeseen and exceptional circumstances arise.



A complete online application must include the following compulsory items:

  • Photograph (jpg, less than 60kb, maximum size 200px x 200px)
  • Scanned transcript(s) from your bachelors degree(s) including transcripts showing topics for which you received transfer credit towards your degree
  • GAMSAT or MCAT test results
  • Evidence of English language proficiency
  • Application fee of AUD $60.00 (waived if submitted through an education agent)
Sending official transcripts

In addition to scanning your transcript(s) for the online application, we require sealed and certified academic transcripts to be posted directly from the institution at which you are studying.

Postal address:

International Centre
(International Medical Applicants)
Flinders University
GPO Box 2100
Adelaide, South Australia, 5001

Address for Courier delivery:

International Centre
(International Medical Applicants)
Flinders University
Room B4, Basement Level
Registry Building
Registry Road
Bedford Park, South Australia, 5042

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Financial aid


If you are not an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or a New Zealand citizen, you will be considered for a place in the international quota on a full-fee paying basis. The tuition fees for students commencing in 2016 were AUD 63,500 per annum. The quoted fee is a base fee that will be subject to an annual increase of up to 9% for each of the subsequent years of the program. Refer to the Fees website.


GAMSAT dates & locations

MCAT dates & locations


Please ensure that you have referred to the requirements and read all information before commencing an online application.


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