The School of Medical Sciences, The University of Adelaide operates a central mortuary facility on behalf of the Universities in South Australia for the acceptance of all bodies donated to science and controls the transfer of anatomical resources to licensed schools of anatomy within the State and Commonwealth in support of teaching, training, scientific studies and research.

Donating your body to science is one of the greatest gifts one can give to make a lasting contribution to the education and training of our current & future health professionals and to advance science through research. Historically, South Australians have been most generous in their support of our Body Donation Program and we consistently have one of the highest donation rates per capita in Australasia.

The opportunity to be able to dissect the human body is a privilege not available in many parts of the world and this is reflected through the quality of our graduates and the world class training and research conducted within the Universities in South Australia.

The following Body Donation Program leaflet will provide you and your family with detailed answers to the most common questions we are asked about the donation of one's body to science. It also contains the most important information for a prospective donor and their family to understand, in order to make the decision to go ahead with the donation. 

  South Australian Body Donation Program

If you have any queries about any of the information contained within, please contact the University of Adelaide (08 8313 5998) or Flinders University (08 8201 5423) and one of our staff will be happy to talk with you further.