Our team

Staff from Clinical Skills and Simulation


Dr Cyle Sprick

Director Simulation Unit,
Lecturer, Paramedic,
Biomedical Engineer.

My goal is to take simulation based teaching at Flinders to the next level through exceptional facilities, student centered teaching, and ground breaking research. 



A/Prof Anna Vnuk


Deputy Director MD
Director, Years 1 and 2 MD.


Professional interests are in improving students’ clinical competence by innovative and experiential teaching techniques with the outcome of better doctors.


Dr Johanna Jordaan

Learning Coaches

International Admissions


Professional interests are ...


Dr Michal Wozniak


D&P Yr1 & 2


Professional interests are ...


Belinda Olsen


Simulation Coordinator

BLS/ALS Coordinator


Professional interests are ...



Maria del Carmen Perez


Clinical Skills Assistant.

Facilitates the Clinical Skills teaching sessions including co-ordination of the Placement Scheme for Year 1. Administrative support in general and equipment




Dr Patrick Tam

Medical Education Registrar - FMC


 Dr Andrew Dunlop

Clinical Skills Tutor

Anne Simmons


Co-ordinator of Structured Clinical Interaction Module (SCIM) program,
Administrative Support, Teaching Assistant.


Professional interests include the SCIM program, promoting hands-on experience and teaching that lead to long term retention of skills.

Meredith Reeve

Simulation Specialist,
Registered Nurse.

Key interests are facilitating clinical simulation to provide an interactive atmosphere for learning. 


Susan Mayer

Simulation Specialist,
Registered Nurse.

Background in management - day surgery and gerontology.
25 years experience as a medical roleplayer.

Major Interests
Teaching management of the emotionally disturbed patient.
Motivational speaking.


Maria Cmielewski 

Simulation Specialist,
Registered Nurse.

Being involved in Simulation that creates an environment that is conductive to learning, is an important adjunct to my clinical skills.


David Fosdike

IT Support