Understanding the Australian Health Care

In this third edition of Understanding the Australian Health Care System, authors Eileen Willis, Louise Reynolds and Helen Keleher introduce the reader to the key issues and theoretical concepts that provide insight into the way the Australian health care system is organised and how policy change impacts the health care profession.

The third edition has been comprehensively revised, but continues to focus on the role and function of the health professional working within the Australian health care system. Fifteen health disciplines are considered in this new edition, with an emphasis on interprofessional practice and the social determinants of health. (Elselvier 2017)

Poche NT academics John Reid, Kerry Taylor & Colleen Hayes have authored a chapter on Indigenous Health Systems and Services that looks at Indigenous health systems from the traditional to contemporary, examines the history and features of Indigenous Controlled Services and reflects on what practitioners and organisations can do to sustain and collaborate within Indigenous health today. 

Aboriginal Youth Suicide in Central Australia

Download PDF: Aboriginal Youth Suicide in Central Australia (PDF 2MB)

Aboriginal youth suicide and attempted suicide are issues of significant and increasing concern in Central Australia. However, at presentno systematic database exists to capture and collate information on suicides and suicide attempts and no coordinated referral pathways are available for agencies in the region. This qualitative project is grounded in key stakeholder perspectives and relevant literature. The study involved twenty two interviews with various stakeholders to inform the development of a standardised suicide data collection system and recommend appropriate referral pathways for relevant agencies in Central Australia.

Health Care and Indigenous Australians: Cultural safety in practice: 2nd edition

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Health Care and Indigenous Australians: Cultural safety in practice, now in a fully updated second edition, is an award winning text that offers a comprehensive framework for creating a culturally safe environment and enhancing health outcomes for Indigenous Australians. The material covered has evolved from decades of working closely with Indigenous health workers, academics and communities, and teaching Indigenous health to undergraduate students

The (mis)matching of resources and assessed need in remote Aboriginal community aged care

View Online: Australasian Journal on Aging (Dec 2014)

This paper reports four major themes concerning how needs assessments relate to realities of service delivery: cultural perspectives on aged care, context of service delivery, quity and access to services, and program (mis)alignments.