Mid North Knowledge Partnership

The Mid North Knowledge Partnership (MNKP) is a research collaboration between universities, community and business. It is hosted by Flinders Rural Health SA, Charles Darwin University and the Mid North community.

The MNKP provides opportunities for students and researchers to undertake research placements in rural areas where such opportunities aren’t readily available. It also provides local communities to have an access point to a university presence.

Our research crosses a range of disciplines all with a focus on the future of small rural communities, including:

  • Rural healthcare professional workforce recruitment and retention
  • Rural life course migration
  • Tourism innovation systems
  • Art and place
  • Youth wellbeing
  • University-community engagement

The MNKP was originally piloted by Professor Dean Carson (Rural and Remote Research) and Dr Doris Carson. We celebrated our fifth birthday in 2016.


How we engage with communities

We engage with our communities on topics of interest. These activities include:

  • the Mid North Directions seminar series;
  • research skill development with local high schools;
  • opportunities to attend national and international conferences;
  • hosting international research symposia with our communities, such as the Burra Science Week; and
  • rural health student visits with schools (medicine, nursing, and allied health).

We host Flinders Doctor of Medicine students for their Advanced Studies research elective. PhD candidates from the Northern Institute at Charles Darwin University are based here as part of their research into the future of small rural communities.


Watch the video: Burra Mid North Science Week



We have active international research collaborations with academics at the:

  • Centre for Rural Medicine, Sweden
  • Northern Ontario School of Medicine, Canada
  • Arctic Research Centre, Nunavut, Canada

This means our local rural research contributes to the international literature and understanding of our rural communities. It also offers opportunities for the co-creation and exchange of knowledge, and student and researcher exchange.


Current research projects

  • Making it Work: Recruit and Retain (Northern Periphery and Arctic Program; European Union)
  • String of Pearls (Country Arts SA, UniSA, Flinders Rural Health SA and Charles Darwin University)
  • National Rural General Practice Survey 2
  • Migration patterns of rural GP’s
  • The future for eHealth in rural areas: a comparison between 'outback' Australia and Swedish Lapland
  • Is there an association between self-efficacy and rural/remote career destinations in PRCC alumni?
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workforce in South Australia


Contact us

Heidi Hodge
Partnership Manager
Mid North Knowledge Partnership

Phone: (08) 8892 2759
Mobile: 0427 679 207


Flinders Rural Health SA - Burra Campus


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