The Muster 2018

The Muster 2018 conference brought together an international audience to explore and discuss community engaged medical education, social accountability in health training, longitudinal learning, and rural medical education in Mount Gambier, from the 15th to the 18th of October, 2018.

Thank you to everyone who made The Muster 2018 such a success!


Keynote Speaker Videos

Like to watch the Muster 2018 Keynote Speaker presentations? Check out the links to their video presentations below:


Keynote Speaker 1 - Andre-Jacques Neusy

Keynote presentation - 'A life long journey through the landscape of social accountability'



Keynote Speaker 2 - Walter G Flores

Keynote presentation - 'Empowering Communities'



Keynote Speaker 3 - Jill Konkin

Keynote presentation - 'Connection, courage and care: transforming medical education'



Keynote Speaker 4 - Paul Worley

Keynote presentation - 'Insearch of meaning: the perils, privileges and possibilities of being a buzzword'



Keynote Speaker 5 - Michael Karpa

Keynote presentation - 'The Indigenous Diabetes Eyes and Screening (IDEAS) Van Project'



Keynote Speaker 6 - Carrie Bourassa

Keynote presentation - 'Hunter-Gatherer from the Wisdom-Water: Indigenous Health Scholarship'



Aboriginal and Indigenous Panel Discussion

Aboriginal and Indigenous Panel Discussion: 'You Can't Be What You Can't See: Negotiating university to successfully graduate as an Indigenous health professional'.