Health Care Management staff undertake a small number of consulting projects in areas of interest, working with partners and clients in consulting practices, health services and government departments. If you're interested in seeking our services please contact Dr Mark Mackay ( telephone 08 8201 7755.

National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO)
Analysis of funding and accountability arrangements for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Registered Training Organisations. This project, conducted by Dr Angelita Martini, Professor Judith Dwyer and Ms Fiona Cheney, recommended an alternative funding model.

Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer
Professor Dwyer was commissioned by the new Centre, a collaboration involving the Southern Adelaide Health Service, Flinders University and the Flinders Medical Centre Foundation, on governance arrangements. More information about the FCIC is available at:

Northern Territory Core Primary Health Care Functions project
Professor Dwyer was commissioned as an adviser to this project conducted by Edward Tilton Consulting. The report, detailed a model for comprehensive primary health care services suitable for the NT, is available on the Lowitja Institute website at

NHMRC: Review of The NHMRC Road Map: A Strategic Framework for Improving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health through Research
Professor Dwyer led the consultation process for this review. The report is available at:

National Health and Hospitals Reform Commission
Professor Dwyer and Professor Kathy Eagar of Wollongong University jointly prepared advice for the NHHRC on governance reform. The resulting paper (entitled Options for reform of Commonwealth and State governance responsibilities for the Australian health system ) can be accessed by clicking on the title provided here.