Health Care Management is involved in the following research groups and centres.

The Lowitja Institute

The Lowitja Institute, Australia's National Institute for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Research, is an innovative research body that brings together Aboriginal organisations, academic institutions and government agencies to facilitate collaborative, evidence-based research into Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health. View website. is a multi-disciplinary group of Australian academics and industry experts with a strong interest in health care modelling, service improvement and design. was formed during May 2014. It is also known as The Australian Health Care Modelling and Systems Design Collaboration.’s Views and Aims: It is the view of’s members that Australia’s health system – and therefore the South Australian health system – cannot be radically and successfully transformed until systems thinking, operations research and design thinking become widespread as methods for the design and improvement of services.

Broadly, the goals of the Collaboration are to benefit the health sector through:

  • The introduction or more regular adoption of methods largely drawn from operations management (for example, simulation)
  • Promote the use of design thinking and systems thinking
  • To foster and create a sustainable workforce in this specialised area
  • To undertake applied work (be it research or contract-basis) that is translated into use in the health sector.

Most of the membership of have been working in health care or on health care problems and for many years have been applying some aspects of systems thinking and health care modelling (mostly operations research).

Members are drawn from 4 states and 6 universities. Some members also work for private organisations. The backgrounds of members include: medicine, medical science, engineering, mathematics, statistics, computer science, psychology, business and health economics.  The collaboration is convened by Dr Mark Mackay. collaborates with the UK Cumberland Initiative.


Contracting At The Margins

The Contracting at the Margins Research is an international network of researchers interested in documenting the role of the Non-Government sector (NGO) in the provision of primary health care (PHC) services for populations living in marginalizing circumstances. Our work is focused on developing a collective body of applied policy research aiming to demonstrate alternative funding and accountability frameworks for indigenous controlled health services and the NGO sector. Download the most recent report: Contracting at the Margins Working Group Report (Feb 2015) (PDF 12MB)


Wardliparingga (South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute)

Wardliparringa is the Aboriginal Health Research Unit of SAHMRI. View website.


Flinders Clinical Change and Health Care Research

Flinders Centre for Clinical Change and Health Care Research is focused upon the development of high value research and evidence to inform optimal decision making and implementation of cost effective health care interventions. View website.