Health Care Management research

Current projects

Funding, accountability and results for Aboriginal health services - Closing the policy: implementation gap? (the FAR project).

This project examined the need for more effective models of funding and accountability in Aboriginal primary health care by focusing on transfer/regionalisation processes in two Australian states. This project is generating evidence concerning the effectiveness and sustainability of both the policy goals and the processes of implementation; with the aim of contributing to the design of better policies and programs.

Demonstration and Translation of Operational Research, Systems Thinking and Design Thinking to the Australian Health Care Sector

Dr Mark Mackay is a recipient of the Premier’s International Research Fund Grant for the above project. The project is being conducted with members of the collaboration.

The project will demonstrate how systems thinking, design thinking and operations research (OR), approaches already established in other industries, can be applied in the health sector. The international partners for the grant are the UK Cumberland Initiative ( and AnyLogic ( Cumberland Initiative is working with the UK health sector to spread the adoption of systems thinking and operational research to achieve the level of savings proposed by the UK Government.

The grant has involved demonstration projects relating to ICU, mental health, emergency departments, general medicine, cardiac patient pathways and prosthetics.

HCM staff are also involved in the following projects:

Professor Dwyer is an Associate Investigator in the CREATE project led by Professor Alex Brown at Wardliparingga, with a focus on investigations of the care and funding models of the Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation sector.

Research Areas

  • Health Care Management
  • Health policy
  • Health services & systems
  • Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander health services
  • Aboriginal health funding and systems
  • 3rd sector organisation (NGO) (funding)
  • Models of care
  • Cancer services
  • Primary Health Care
  • Womens health

Higher Degree Thesis (PhD) student

Mr Bader Aboud A Alqhtany

Thesis Title: Primary Health Care Centres in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Challenges in the health system reform