Academic staff based in the Centre

Prof. Wei Zhang Director, CMBD Ms Jane Keane   Executive Assistant 
Prof. Chris Franco Head, Medical Biotechnology  
Assoc. Prof. Munish Puri Deputy Director, CMBD  
Dr Linlin Ma Lecturer  

Professional staff

Dr Adarsha Gupta Research Associate
A/Prof Kirsten Heimann Principal Research Scientist / Research Director, CANBI2
Dr Qi Liang Research Scientist
Ms Shirley Sorokin Research Communications and Sponge Taxonomy
Mr Peng Su Research Officer and China Program Manager
Mr Raymond Tham Manager (International Programs) 
Mr Bo Yuan Research Assistant

Flinders academic staff that are members of the Centre

Dr. Trent D'Antignana  
Prof. Arduino Mangoni  
Prof. Ross McKinnon  
Dr Robyn Meech  
Assoc. Prof. Ian Menz  
Assoc. Prof. Mike Perkins  
Prof. Colin Raston  

External staff with Academic Status

Assoc. Prof. Jason Tanner  
Dr. Andrew Barber  

Post Doctoral Researchers

Dr Reinu Abraham  
Dr Suvimol Charoensiddhi  
Dr Adarsha Gupta  
Dr Qi Yang  

Visiting Scholars 2017/18

Prof Tae Sung JUNG, Gyeongsang National University, South Korea   
Dr Wenjuan Duan, Shandong Analysis and Test Centre, Jinan, China  
Dr Yan Mu, Shandong Analysis and Test Centre, Jinan, China  
Dr Yuefan Song, Dalian Ocean University, China  

Research Students

Mousa Alghazwi  PhD  
Xuan Luo  PhD  
Eko Sitepu  PhD  
Paul Gaite  PhD  
Yitayal Anteneh  PhD  
Yunita Irawadi  MSc  
Holly Braidwood  Hons  
Rhianne Bagot  Hons  

Visiting Research Students 2018

Christel Deyrat University de Pau et des Pays de L'Adour, France
Diane Charmet Polytech Nantes, France
Sami Arfaoui Polytech Nantes, France
Fabien le Vigueloux Polytech Nantes, France


PhD Completed

Dr Shan He  
Dr Yadollah Bahrami  
Dr Andrew Lorbeer  
Dr Mohammad Ferdous Mehbub  
Dr Shuang Peng  
Dr Qi Yang  
Dr Liu Fei Tan  
Dr Trung Nguyen Thanh  
Dr Suvimol Charoensiddh  

MSc Recently Completed

Mr Bo Yuan  
Ms Manjot Sond                     
Ms Navjot Kaur