The Staff of the Department of Medical Biochemistry are involved in the teaching of Biochemistry in the following courses:  Graduate Entry Medical Course, Environmental Health, Bachelor of Medical Science, the Health Sciences stream of the Bachelor of Science.  Staff also offer research projects for the Honours degree in Science and Biotechnology.  Of particular interest to students considering further study in biochemistry at Honours or the postgraduate level is the course MMED 3933 - Biochemistry of Human Disease.

MMED 3933 - Biochemistry of Human Disease

The topic content includes metabolism and cell and molecular biology, with emphasis on applying knowledge of biochemistry in a medical context.  The topic, presented in a small group, problem-based tutorial format, involves 5 clinical cases (which might include diabetes, coronary heart disease, alcoholism, colon cancer, phenylketonuria or obesity).  In each case, understanding of the disease at molecular level - including recent research findings - is reviewed over multiple tutorials.

Units:  4.5
Level:  Third year
Duration:  Semester (Second Semester)
Class Contact:  2 one-hour tutorials per week
Format:  Problem-based learning
Prerequisite(s):  BIOL 2210, BIOL 2220

Optional Text:  Smith CM, Marks AD and Lieberman M (2005) Basic Medical Biochemistry:  A Clinical Approach, 2nd Edition.  Williams and Wilkins.

Honours Projects in the Department of Medical Biochemistry

To be eligible for the Honours programme, a student must have obtained a Bachelor's degree from a recognised tertiary institution. In general it is expected students will have achieved roughly a 'B' or credit (65%) average overall, and a high standard in one or more of the following areas: cell biology, biochemistry, physiology and pharmacology. For more detailed information about the structure of the course, entry requirements and a complete listing of all Honours projects offered in the School of Medicine, prospective students should access the Honours in the School of Medicine Home Page or contact

   Assoc Prof Michael Sorich

School of Medicine (SoM) Honours Program Coordinator / Chair of SoM Honours Committee

Rm 5D317.1, Clinical Pharmacology
School of Medicine
Flinders University
GPO Box 2100
Adelaide SA 5001

Telephone: (08) 8204 6682


Bachelor of Biotechnology / Masters of Biotechnology Honours Projects in the Department of Medical Biochemistry

For further information on the Biotechnology Honours course go to the Biotechnology website .