About Paediatrics and Child Health

The University’s discipline of Paediatrics and Child Health is integrated with the department of the same name within Flinders Medical Centre (FMC). Together we form part of the Division for Women’s and Children’s Health within FMC.


Clinical services

Our integrated department provides comprehensive general paediatric services for children in the southern region of Adelaide, including:

  • inpatient, outpatient and emergency services
  • a Child Protection Service
  • Children's Assessment Team (CAT) service

We also provide an extensive outpatient, ambulatory and community paediatric service within FMC and within the southern region of Adelaide. We aim to further develop this clinical community focus.


We are committed to active research and tangible outputs built around the themes of:

  • Immunology (including RSV, toll-like receptor and allergy studies)
  • Neonatal thermoregulation
  • The vulnerable child (including but not limited to child protection)
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Medical education



Paediatrics and Child Health plays a central role in the Doctor of Medicine (MD) curriculum, providing paediatric teaching to the medical course, both at FMC and in the various rural and community sites.

An active postgraduate paediatric training program exists which has strong links to the Royal Australasian College of Physicians.