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Information for new and current students

The ‘Student Zone’ is where you will find all of the important information that you will need to be successful in the Bachelor of Paramedic Science at Flinders. Visit this section regularly to access resources and forms essential to your study program.



The team of the Paramedic Unit are keen to see you achieve your best whilst studying this degree. With this in mind, we want to ensure that you commence your study in the best way possible. We strongly encourage you to visit the ORIENTATION section in order to help you with this preparation.

Welcome sessions for new paramedic students

Congratulations to all students who have been accepted into the Bachelor of Paramedic Science Degree program. We take this opportunity to welcome you to the paramedic team.

Each February we hold two welcome sessions for new students.

Welcome Sessions: Wednesday 7th February at 0930 and Thursday 15th February at 1700. Details will be provided in your welcome email.

We strongly encourage you and your family members to attend one of these fun and informative sessions where you will have the opportunity to:

  • Meet fellow commencing paramedic students and members of the Paramedic Unit staff.
  • Receive a welcome bag with information to help you navigate your way around campus and identify your study locations.
  • Learn about the Paramedic Science curriculum and career opportunities.
  • Meet representatives of Flinders University Student Paramedics Australasia (FUSPA).
  • Explore our training vehicle and other paramedic equipment that you will be using throughout the degree.




Learn about the uniforms to know what you need to have prior to starting your paramedics course.

More information: Uniform requirements



As part of receiving a high level of academic education you will be required to participate in industry based placements with the South Australian Ambulance Service (SAAS).

In order to be permitted to undertake these placements you must meet all of the stringent placement pre-requisites, including immunisations, criminal history checks, medical and physical fitness testing, manual handling training and infection control mask fit testing.

More information: Preparing for placements


Flinders University Student Paramedics Australasia (FUSPA)

FUSPA is a group of like-minded paramedic students who are interested in the professional and social development of themselves and their peers. Our members are comprised of students from all year levels currently studying the Bachelor of Paramedic Science through the School of Medicine at Flinders University.

Making friends at university is an important predictor for success. The best way to make friends within the degree is to join the student association. You will have an opportunity to meet members of FUSPA at the welcome session and can sign up on the day.

With the assistance and support of Paramedics Australasia's SA Chapter, FUSPA provides professional development sessions throughout the year utilising guest speakers from SAAS as well as other local Health Professionals and organisations.

More information: FUSPA website | FUSPA Facebook page


Need help?

Studying at university poses a unique set of challenges and finding a work/study/life balance will be crucial if you are to succeed.

We are here to assist and can advise on strategies to help you through your degree. If you are experiencing any difficulties which are impacting your studies you are encouraged to meet with:

  • the relevant topic coordinator;
  • the course coordinator Tim Rayner

You are also encouraged to take advantage of other resources, including: