Community Health Research and Evaluation Series (1990)

'What is Research?' - looks at a variety of approaches to community health research and covers the processes of research from the preliminary discussions about what to research, managing the project, choosing a method, data collection and analysis, through to reporting the findings.

'How to Evaluate your Community Health Programs' - considers the ethics of evaluation, why a program might be evaluated and outlines planning, design and analysis strategies for evaluation.

'Surveys and Questionnaire Design' - considers the advantages and disadvantages of survey methodology and examines: types of surveys; probability and non-probability sampling; the principles of questionnaire design; and data analysis.

'Program Planning: A Guide' - looks at the processes involved in program planning including: setting goals and objectives; strategies; time-frames; evaluation; and staff training. The guide also covers program administration and report writing.

'Dealing with Data' - produced for those who need to access and use data from a variety of sources; to plan, monitor, evaluate and report on their activities. The focus of the booklet is the use and presentation of routine service and survey data.

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