Julie Johns, Katherine Patel

Factsheets developed and disseminated by Country Health SA, Diabetes Outreach, are one educational resource utilised by diabetes educators across South Australia. Little is known about the best way to disseminate, utilise and apply these resources effectively in clinical practice or whether, in fact, they are of any benefit to the consumer.

Through administration of an on-line survey to diabetes educators in Country Health SA and focus groups with key workers and consumers, factsheets provided by Diabetes Outreach were evaluated in terms of their accessibility, structure and content. Additionally, feedback was sought about consumer and diabetes educator experiences of providing and receiving diabetes health information and the current mechanisms which support this. A literature review about written health information, particularly as it applies to diabetes was also conducted.

Suggestions were made to improve the current factsheets such as including more pictures, checklists, culturally appropriate resources and use of colour. Additional topics for factsheets were suggested. The impact of health literacy on the process and outcomes of diabetes management was particularly highlighted.

This report is free to download Evaluation of the Use and Educational Benefit of Diabetes Outreach Education Factsheets (PDF 1MB)